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Professional Psychic Phone Readings

Phone psychic readings are thorough, detailed and accurate.  We have been providing psychic insight to our followers for 12 years.  Your phone reading is delivered with compassion, understanding, accuracy and deep insight.   Our readings are honest, reliable and straight-forward.

Savings to you - Example: 30 minute reading is  $35.00 = $1.17/minute all of the time!

Love Psychic Phone Readings

Our specialty, hand's down!  Love readings are informative, deeply insightful about the person you are with or were with and plenty of information comes through that can be most helpful to you in resolving or moving forward in your romantic relationship.

Savings to you - 10 Minutes/$15.00 up to 60 minutes $65.00 in ten minute increments!

Email Psychic Readings

#1 Best Seller.  People domestically and internationally make this reading a popular choice. The email readings are not computer generated but are an actual psychic session that is detailed, in depth and accurate. Length of readings is approximately 650-750/question.

​Economical Alternative to Phone Readings - starting at $18.95

You must be 18+ years of age.  For entertainment and personal growth purposes only.
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Affordable and Accurate Psychic Readings
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What Are People Saying!

Lady Kaye's readings are hauntingly accurate and very enjoyable. She takes her time to give a good reading and doesn't rush to finish. She truly knows her craft and does it very well. Thank you for making things clearer for me!  Yours, Kathrynn
Angelic Reiki and Chakra Healing and Balancing
Affordable Reiki and Chakra Healing
Feeling a little out of balance or blue - perhaps it is time for a tune-up.  Chakras are the life force energy within ourselves that assist us in designing, creating and manifesting all areas of our lives.  If they become imbalanced it is more challenging and difficult to live wholly and empowered.  One hour sessions for $64.95 that include Archangel Raphael's assistance, refreshing your aura and balancing all seven chakras to optimum health and healing.

email psychic readings,psychic email readings,psychic phone readings,love psychic readings
Merry Christmas
Can Be The Best of Times
 or The Worst of  Times!
Surviving the Holiday Season 2016
While Holiday's can be a reminder of where you don’t want to be and what you don’t have be true to yourself and good to yourself.  When you do go out hold your head up high as many people are alone during the holiday's and your smile and holiday greeting may be uplifting for them.  Christmas time can also be a good hunting ground as other singles are probably feeling the same thing that you are.

It is challenging to not notice at this time of year!   couples dining together, having a latte' together and holding hand's while they walk.  Advice:  Don't look at who you don't have but look t who you do have!

Tap into people who really do care about you and be active with them, be in the moment, mindfulness all of the way.  While you may not have this one thing above all else you still do have other's who care about you and it is up to you to take action and be part of the group.

Remember what the Holiday's are really about versus all of the shopping and material things of Christmas.  Develop a deeper meaning for the holiday's to help you put them in proper perspective.  It is basically two days to get through so surround yourself with people that care about you, love you, love yourself enough to pamper yourself through this season.  Have a psychic reading...haha!

Perhaps the week before Christmas invite other singles that you know, work with, family members, etc. and have a "singles only" Holiday party.  The busier you are, the more effort you put into this season the more content you will be with the deeper things that your heart desires.

May you be blessed this Holiday Season with love, community and a magical belief in yourself that you will create and manifest your heart's desire in 2017..
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