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Psychic Phone Readings

Alot of information is covered in your phone session and all questions and concerns get answered.  Many people report that they feel better after talking with Lady Kaye due to her empathic abilities and deep insight into those you are asking about.  No computer cuts you off so you do not have to worry about a computer cutting you off.  Our sessions are accurate and indepth, inspiration and a hand-up is free.  Lady Kaye's light-hearted style may even having you chuckling sometimes.

Love Psychic Readings by Phone or Email

Our specialty, hand's down!  Besides your first name you will only be asked for the first name of the person you are enquiring about.  Love readings are informative, deeply insightful about the person you are with or were with and plenty of information comes through that can be most helpful to you in resolving or moving forward in your romantic relationship.  Popular subjects are will we reunite and when will I find true love.  Affordable Psychic Readings love readings are a great value for the price.

Psychic Email Readings

#1 Best Seller.  People domestically and internationally make this reading a popular choice.  If you are wanting a hard copy to read later then this will do it up for you!  The email readings are not computer generated but are an actual psychic session answering your question(s) just like you were having a phone psychic reading.  The reply and answers to your question(s) are indepth, accurate and very insightful into your situation. Any subject can be covered in an email reading.  The length of the reading is approximately one page per question (8-1/2x11").  Your privacy is paramount so all questions are considered confidential and will be sent to you by the privacy of your email address.

First Time User Specials

We are proud of our Introductory Specials.  With a gazillion psychic networks and psychic readers on the internet today we wanted to make it seamless and easy for you to have a psychic session to check us out.  We offer 15, 30 and 45 minute psychic phone readings for 80-Cents per minute.  Yep, you heard it right!  It is our way of paying it forward while giving you the opportunity to not only get the insight that you need but to let you get to know us a little better.  An exceptional value for the quality and detail of the reading.  You won't be disappointed as we pride ourselves on honesty, integrity and being certified and educated in the psychic arts.

Free Psychic Readings

We do offer a weekly drawing where one person is selected every Wednesday morning at 9:00am PST to receive a one question email reading on love, relationships, marriage or if you will reunite.  You will receive a one page response just like the email psychic sessions.  Since our prices are so low for the First Time User Specials and Regular pricing compared to the psychic networks it has been our hope that those really struggling financially will sign up for this offer becaue it would be our pleasure to make sure that you get the answers that you need regarding love regardless of your economic challenges.   

You must be 18+ years of age.  For entertainment and personal growth purposes only.
AMAZING, WONDERFUL, HONEST,and SINCERE. Truly a beautiful spirit who wants, and is able to help! Thank you. I will keep you posted!
She told me the truth and was very accurate about my situation. She is a gifted spiritual advisor as well. I appreciate your honesty. Thank you!  Everything turned out the way that you predicted.  Thank you.
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Affordable Psychic Readings
 I would like to give you a rating review. I will be honest and tell you that I have spent hundreds of dollars on psychic websites but no one CAN compare to your readings.......I mean NO ONE!!!!!!! I much rather spend  hundreds with you.
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Psychic Phone Readings and Email Psychic Readings Affordably Priced - Check Out Fall Specials Below
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Incredibly Insightful Detailed Psychic Readings

Email Psychic Readings
Email Readings are per question and are detailed, indepth and deeply insightful about your situation.
 #1 Bestseller since 2004!
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Fall Special Psychic Phone Reading
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