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Psychic Phone Readings

Alot of information is covered in your phone session and all questions and concerns get answered.  Many people report that they feel better after talking with Lady Kaye due to her empathic abilities and deep insight into those you are asking about.  Our sessions are accurate and indepth, inspiration and a hand-up is free.  Lady Kaye's light-hearted style may even having you chuckling sometimes.

Love Psychic Readings by Phone or Email

Our specialty, hand's down!  Besides your first name you will only be asked for the first name of the person you are asking about.  Love readings are informative, deeply insightful about the person you are with or were with and plenty of information comes through that can be most helpful to you in resolving or moving forward in your romantic relationship.  

Email Psychic Readings

#1 Best Seller.  People domestically and internationally make this reading a popular choice.  If you are wanting a hard copy to read later then this will do it up for you!  The email readings are not computer generated but are an actual psychic session answering your question(s) just like you were having a phone psychic reading. Your email reading is approximately 700-800 characters per questions.

You must be 18+ years of age.  For entertainment and personal growth purposes only.
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Affordable Psychic Readings
Providing Honest & Ethical Psychic Readings since 2004
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Love Articles To Help
Heal, Inspire, Enlighten and Inform
What Are People Saying!

Lady Kaye's readings are hauntingly accurate and very enjoyable. She takes her time to give a good reading and doesn't rush to finish. She truly knows her craft and does it very well. Thank you for making things clearer for me! Yours, Kathrynn

​Thank you so much Lady Kaye for the psychic information and guidance you have given me throughout the years. This testimonial is long overdue. You have not only helped me understand my relationship with Bruce but also uplifted me in way's that have helped me consistently move forward in my life. I love your sense of humor and I always know in my heart that when I need to get back on track....I just need to call Lady Kaye. You have become my trusted advisor and I send you blessings that all those that need help in life will find your website. Kassandra - Louisiana
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Find Your Inner Inspiration
With the Fall Equinox
September 22nd
The Fall equinox is the best day to think about work-life balance and to shift your life so it is working a little more for you then perhaps against you.  
On September 1st place a bountiful harvest of sorts in your home either on the dining room table or on a ritual table and put all things pertaining to Fall – leaves, colors of autumn in your candles, flowers that remind you of fall and the fall colors, photos of those you love and wishes and desires for your life written on yellow paper. Everyday visit your equinox bounty for praise and thanksgiving. Stand before your Fall altar and thank your higher source for what you already have and for what you are projecting and bringing into your future.  
The Fall Equinox is a great time to shift your life in areas that are flat, bringing you stress or causing you to feel lack and what you may not have that you so dearly desire. What you put effort into manifests both positive and negative. What you focus on manifests both positive and negative. Let your Fall altar be the shift in your life that opens the door to having more of what you do want and less of what you don’t want.

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Fall Back with Autumn Savings - September Special

20 Minute Phone Reading $23.00!
Payment by PayPal.  Email or Text for availability.  Pacific Time.  

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Email Psychic Readings
Detailed and Lengthy 
starting at $18.95