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Archangel Raphael Healing
Oracle Cards
A 44 beautiful card deck with a 107 page guide book by our beloved angel lady Doreen Virtue!

Archangel Raphael is the angel of healing - emotional and physical.  I, personally use this card deck every morning and merely ask - "Archangel Raphael what do I need to know today".  I am surprised and amazed almost everyday how the message is exactly what I need to know.

The guide book is invaluable and is easy to use with comfortable amount of text so you do not feel like you are reading an encyclopedia.  

For those wanting angel assistance which is such a loving, kind, unconditional love energy this deck could assist you with peace of mind, overcoming physical health challenges or emotional issues during difficult times.
Crystal Healing Energy
Gemstones and Crystals to Attract Love, Money and Increased Energy
Crystal healing and gemstone therapies can greatly enhance your emotional and physical life.

This is a great book giving you an abundance of information into which stones and/or crystals to select for what you are working on at the times.

Crystals can greatly reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression and negative thinking.

Crystal and gemstones can also be used to attract more love into your life, money and good fortune.

​You are also instructed how to purchase your crystals or gems, how to clean them and how to use them to facilitate the changes that you want to make in your life. 

Crystals and gems are also a way to protect yourself from negativity and difficult events.
Universal Rider-Waite
Tarot Card Deck
w/Guide Book
The Rider-Waite tarot decks are the most widely used divination in the world.  The illustrations are beautiful and they come in lighter toning or a bright toning of colors.

​The deck with illustrations by Pamela Coleman include 78-cards with major and minor archanas.

To help you get started reading Tarot it comes with a manual that gives the meanings of each card and a overall historical view of tarot.

The Universal Rider Waite deck is softer pastel colors and with the 3-dimensional visual illustration I believe that it stimulates psychic awareness as the cards are not flat looking but have dimension.
Messages From Your Angels: What Your Angels Want you to Know
Doreen Virtue never disappoints.  Beautiful card deck with informative book.  So beautiful to develop your hearing to hear your angels and what special messages that they have for you.

​The cards help people to know what their exact life purpose is, whether someone is their soulmate or not, what to do about their job, where they live, and other important life questions.

 Doreen based the cards upon her actual angel readings, using the most commonly asked questions and angelic answers, to create the ultimate card deck for the beginner and the advanced card reader.

The accompanying booklet is thorough and detailed and really helps to learn the deck in a deeper manner.
AzureGreen Silver-Toned Pendulum With Triquetra 
 6 inch beaded chain 
Heavy teardrop shaped bob to prevent vibrations in the chain 
Finished with a beautiful triquetra bead

5-star reviews on this beauty! 
How to Use a Pendulum for Dowsing and Divination: Answer questions, find lost objects, heal body and mind, and more! 

Anyone can learn to use a pendulum. This powerful tool brings together the left and right sides of the brain and acts as an antenna, helping you tune into your intuition and pick up on energies and vibrations emitted by people, objects, and places. Kit includes a 160-page book, fold-out dowsing charts, and a pendulum!

Aventurine Usui Reiki Healing
 Set Chakra Balancing Stones
Metaphysical healers use Aventurine for emotional and mental healing as well as for physical ailments. Aventurine is considered a power stone and is excellent to use for attracting abundance & wealth.  This is the stone of opportunity as well as physical healing.

When your chakras are in balance you will experience a sense of well-being, drive to take action, a sense of rightness in your world.  

The stones are inscribed with the symbols of Usui Reiki Healing which is used worldwide. A gentle loving energy that lightly assists you in making your world right..

Smudging Kit with Abalone Shell, Wooden Tripod, White Sage Smudge Stick
Such a beautiful set and a great price to remove negativity from yourself, others, your home and car.  Easy to follow step-by-step instructions will guide you through the simple process of cleansing. Begin your journey to prosper.
Archangel Chameul
For Your Home Altar
Chamuel can help you find your life’s purpose; a better job or home; your right relationship; lost items as long as it’s in alignment with your higher self’s path. 
Saint Michael the Archangel
Archangel Michael is the end all and be all for those looking for protection from negativity and/or harmful situations.  His mighty sword allows us complete protection from a mighty warrior who's sold duty is to keep us safe.  A standard archangel called upon by most psychics and healers.
Crystal Journey Herbal Magic Reiki Charged Pillar Candle - Money 
Your money candle comes with an affirmation and inspirational message.  All you need to do is set your intention to attract financial abundance to you.

The fragrance is a mixture of clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, myrrh, citronella, rain and is 3 inches in diameter and 6 inches high.
Psychic Development: Expert Guide to the Secrets of our Sixth Sense – Mastery of the Third Eye, Intuition & Clairvoyance (Telepathy, Auras, ESP, Mind Reading) 

The stone of self-love and true love.  Looking for love set your intention and slip it into your bag and be patient.  $14.90
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