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Butterfly  Whispers for April
Ok, so we like to talk about love at Affordable Psychic Readings! 
For the month of April we will be featuring the many articles that people have asked for over the years.  Since many people wanting psychic readings are calling about love we started writing about love way back in 2004.  Please enjoy the many articles and be open to learning new things that could help you move forward in finding love, maintaining love or fixing love.

Some of our most popular pages have been everything you need to know about soulmates and soulmate affirmations.  Who doesn't want to meet their soulmate, right?  It is a mysterious subject and when you truly learn about the metaphysical reasons for a soulmate it should make it easier for you to manifest.

Seven in ten people calling for love readings today are using dating sites.  While it is the quickest way to meet someone it can also be the trickiest way to meet someone.  A lot of trolls are on the dating sites but if you create your advertisement of yourself properly and week out the trolls to get to the good guy by how you write you bio you will be amazed at hos many qualified potential lovers you could attract.

Please enjoy and always know that we are here for you......Lady Kaye
It is so painful when a break-up happens in our lives.  Difficult to sleep, challenging to be motivated in any area of your life and just plain sad.  Following is a few ideas that could help.

Healing a BrokenHeart
article on a broken heart
couples in love
As a psychic reader I am asked all of the time "does he/she love me?  Love is an action so it is fairly easy to know how someone feels towards you based on their words and action

Does He/She Love Me
Okay, online dating sucks!
Do it anyway!
Tips to effectively use online dating sites that can help you speed up the process of finding your true love or soulmate.

Learn About Online Dating
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