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We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty. 
Maya Angelou

Why Is Your Psychic Reading Different From The One You Had Before?
As a psychic, I am asked this question all of the time from people who are having psychic readings on the same subject.  Many will not only ask about the same situation but may also have another psychic reading for an update so they will feel supported.  I also facilitate readings from people who are psychic surfing and comparing what psychics are saying about the same subject. Needless to say it can become confusing for you as well as the psychics!

Let's dig in and cover one by one how the information can change on the same subject. I know personally that it can be so disappointing and hurtful when this happens, particularly in relationship matters where you are dealing with two free will choices and actions.  As I always say - love and relationships can be the most challenging area of our lives.

The first immediate answer is that the future is changeable.  We are reading your energy and what you are going to manifest in the future or what you will attract to you.  No psychic prediction is set in stone as free will choice, circumstances and decisions can alter your reading.  Every action or decision made by someone involved in your situation affects the outcome even if they are not directly involved. 

In love relationships you are dealing with two peoples free will choices.  Most people calling for psychic readings are calling about love and if they will reunite with a person.  In the case of coming back together with someone - you not only have two freewill choices, but you also have decisions, choices, new events, disagreements that play a part in if you will reunite.  Other people may be against one person and talks to the one you want to reunite with.  You and your ex-partner could have an argument, time could weaken the desire.  Any variables can change or alter the outcome.  

Many years ago I was doing a reading for a person and the psychic insight that was coming through said that she would reunite with her ex-boyfriend.  The boyfriend finally texted her after they were broken up for a couple of months and she picked a fight with him enabling him to remember why he broke up with her in the first place.  So, yes you too can alter the outcome.  It can sometimes be something so inconsequential like a loss of a job, a death in the family...all of these things change the way that we look at things or our circumstances.  

Career readings are also the same in that a number of things can happen because more than one person is submitting an application for a job.  Someone could have a better resume, or perhaps you didn't too well in a interview.  There is a lot of moving parts when asking if you will get a job or not.  The more people involved in your situation the easier it is for outcomes to be changed.

In comparison shopping with psychics every psychic has their own way of relaying information to you.  They have their own individual terminology, spiritual beliefs and methods used to pass on psychic information to you about your situation.  I had an interesting encounter with a person using me and another psychic an she kept telling me that our insights were different on the same subject.  How could this have happened?  Easy, psychics have their own styles and aids and tools that they use to illicit this information for you.  Or, one of the psychics is wrong!

Small changes in the surrounding circumstances can make a difference in the results of a reading. Even changes in the way you ask the question can change the focus of the reading so that different details are highlighted. In psychic readings we are dealing with probabilities - based on the evens of today, right in this moment this is the probable outcome.  People, circumstances, friends, co-workers, events, such as loss of job or death in family, an unexpected argument can all change the outcome.  Ti

Out futures are never fixed or immutable.  Every moment of everyday is ever changing and adjusting the decisions and actions we take along with everyone else involved in your situation.  We can change our own day by perception and our thoughts.  If we can change several times in a day then why wouldn't your situation or circumstances go through the same process.  

One things that does bring me joy as a psychic reader is supplying information to people that they can facilitate in order to change their situation.  You see, you too can change the outcome of your own circumstance.  So even your psychic can change your outcome for the positive by the most perfect insight coming through to help you change, try a different approach, learn more so you have more knowledge about the situation that you are in concerning love, career or personal well-being.

​Getting too many readings in a short timeframe can also alter the psychic insight coming through.  Sometimes asking the same question but in different ways to different psychics can change the outcome.  I am always asked "I asked two psychics the same question" and one said yes and another said no - who do I believe?  My reply, probably neither one...I do not want to appear sarcastic on this but remember we are dealing in probabilities and the truth probably is running down the center of the yes and no.  This type of situation will usually have the person going to several more psychics and then things can get real confusing.  

Use psychic readings as a guide in your situation.  Remember that your reading is not set in stone as dfiscussed above and can be changed by actions, reactions and unseen events and even by the both of you having  positive and/or negative occurrences in interacting with one another.  If you are fighting all of the time take a step back and see if changing the behavior in more of a positive direction will alter it to the outcome that you desire.  You are a part of the psychic reading as we are reading your energy..

Psychic readings are a phenomenal way to guide yourself into your future.  Use them wisely and you will be able to attain your dreams, a perfect relationship, financial abundance and peace of mind.
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Clear Hearing
From the French word clair which means “clear” and the word audience meaning “hearing.” Also known as psychic hearing or inner hearing. It means hearing things outside the normal scope of awareness.

Clairaudient messages can come from your Higher Self, your spirit guides , deceased loved ones or anyone that you were close to who is now deceased and angels.

Clairaudient messages can come through hearing sounds - verbal and nonverbal.  You could hear a voice, hear music, a soft sound, bells - anything auditory is the way of your wonderful spirits to communicate with you and give you messages from the other side.

To begin developing your clairaudient abilities first start with quieting yourself and just "hearing" what is around you.  Pay attention to what you hear first and keep going back to the faint noises around you.  This will develop your clear hearing.