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We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty. 
Maya Angelou

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Clear Hearing
From the French word clair which means “clear” and the word audience meaning “hearing.” Also known as psychic hearing or inner hearing. It means hearing things outside the normal scope of awareness.

Clairaudient messages can come from your Higher Self, your spirit guides , deceased loved ones or anyone that you were close to who is now deceased and angels.

Clairaudient messages can come through hearing sounds - verbal and nonverbal.  You could hear a voice, hear music, a soft sound, bells - anything auditory is the way of your wonderful spirits to communicate with you and give you messages from the other side.

To begin developing your clairaudient abilities first start with quieting yourself and just "hearing" what is around you.  Pay attention to what you hear first and keep going back to the faint noises around you.  This will develop your clear hearing.
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Please Pray With Us Now

Lifting other's up to the light in challenging times and in devastation is the highest noblest calling of all human beings. Many people need us now in their time of need.  Towns, homes, misplaced animals, human life it is all happening now so it is the time to be a prayer warrior and lift up, lift up to the light, let your prayers lift up, may your thoughts lift up, may your emotions lift up!

Pray for Hurricane Irma to take a detour and go out to sea, pray for all those misplaced in Texas and pray for the wildfires in Washington, Oregon, Montana and California.  For just one moment ask for protection, healing and rebuilding of all human beings being affected by this and the rebuilding of our great land.

We are here to help one another and we have many people and animals that are in need.  Following is two ways that you can literally help at this time by making a donation.  Nothing is too small to give and it does make a difference.  Can you imagine losing everything, being homeless, living in your car, losing your beloved pets, nowhere to go.  Please with a compassionate heart lift up.  By lifting up others you also lift up yourselves.
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