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We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty. 
Maya Angelou

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Clear Hearing
From the French word clair which means “clear” and the word audience meaning “hearing.” Also known as psychic hearing or inner hearing. It means hearing things outside the normal scope of awareness.

Clairaudient messages can come from your Higher Self, your spirit guides , deceased loved ones or anyone that you were close to who is now deceased and angels.

Clairaudient messages can come through hearing sounds - verbal and nonverbal.  You could hear a voice, hear music, a soft sound, bells - anything auditory is the way of your wonderful spirits to communicate with you and give you messages from the other side.

To begin developing your clairaudient abilities first start with quieting yourself and just "hearing" what is around you.  Pay attention to what you hear first and keep going back to the faint noises around you.  This will develop your clear hearing.
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Wise Words
Love and Relationships

Sometimes it can be challenging to not get ahead of the story when it comes to dating and finding love. 

When you meet someone it takes time to percolate to see if the two of you will have a future together.  That is why it is called the getting to know each other phase.

It is quite normal to feel some anxiety, fear and uncertainty during this phase as you want the best but it takes time to work out the myriad of things between bringing two people together.

What helps is to stay in the present moment.  The present determines the future so don't get ahead of the story. Stay focused on this new person in your life, be attentive and a positive companion.

It is the present that determines the future so you want to make sure that you are keeping pace with him or her so as to not get ahead.  By staying in the present with this new found person you can anchor and build upon what is happening between the two of you.

Sometimes by getting ahead of the other person it can scare them or make them feel restricted and they can begin pulling away.  To the receiving party it can feel like their rights of freewill choice are being taken away from them.

Be patient with yourself and please lovingly know that everyone experiences apprehension, stress and anxiety when you first start dating someone.

The #1 question being asked by callers is for a psychic love reading!  Everyone wants to know the future of a potential partner so let your reading guide you into what the future will hold with this person, but you also need to do your part in not getting ahead of the storyline.

Keep pace with your new partner, mirror back to them what hey are putting out towards you.  This doesn't mean that you cannot be assertive, ask for clarification if something confuses you.  Quite the contrary, communication is the key to a happy and fulfilling love relationship.

If around the three month mark of dating someone it is quite normal to feel anxiety as it looks like you are heading somewhere positive with this person.  Take some deep breaths - don't go from a-z and leave b-y out! It is such a great sign that you have made it 90 days and believe me the other person is thinking the same thing!

I can be a delicate time so be patient with yourself and your partner.  My best to you always.   Kaye