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Thank you so much for you insight, it brightened my day and gave me strength and hope. I'm glad I took a chance and called you. I really appreciate what you do and your honesty, you really make a difference.  Again, thanks sooo much for everything and I feel that in a way I met a new friend.  Someone who was there to listen, give advice and be real and honest with me.  Crystal - Montana

Great at telling you how someone is feeling or what is on their mind...she gets right to it you'll be amazed!  Dawn - Florida

Accurate and intuitive reader. Answered everything and got the situations and details accurate.  Amy - Colorado

I am so pleased and amazed at how accurate Lady Kaye's reading for me was.  She not only told confirmed things I knew but her insight into the why's of my behavior and life situation were so on point.  I will definitely consider her my "psychic" from here on out.  Monique Thomas - Rockville Md

Lady Kaye is very honest and direct. Tells it like it is.. Very caring nuturing spirit. I just love to talk to her. She is honest and direct and she is very intuitive. Give her a call she's good.  She helped me with my boyfriend and I feel so grateful for having met her.  I will call Lady Kaye again and recommend her highly.  Sheila - California

Dear Lady Kaye,
Thank you so so much for this reading of yours.your words touched my heart.  i much appreiate your work.  Let me say you are one of the very few psychics who goes beyond judgements.  I met others who simply ranked my husband as a bad man and told me to move on without considering anything else.   
Thank you very much for your prayers,too. Best regards, Y.T. - Hong Kong

Fabulous! Really got to the heart of things. Thanks! Todd - Illinois

She told me the truth and was very accurate about my situation. She is a gifted spiritual advisor as well. I appreciate your honesty. Thank you!  Everything turned out the way that you predicted.  Thank you. Char - Washington

Lady Kaye - you are the most delightful and loving psychic I think I have had the pleasure of contacting. As I mentioned on the call, you predicted a relationship opening up for me some time ago, and even though I was not looking for it, I'm truly glad it came to be. I called again because I wanted to see what else you saw in store for me, and it was all good things, and I believe them because you do. Thank you so much for being so wonderful! I will keep you updated as things progress!  Amber

Lady Kaye, i was so blessed to run across your site this morning! WOW! I just had the best reading ever from anyone.
Thank you for your insite. I will truly watch for the signs of what you say to come true. I DEFINATLY will be a regular client of yours. With your guidance i will keep an open heart towards this relationship. Thak you for making this affordable! I truly appreciate it! Anyone who reads these testimonials can feel the sincerity and honesty that is generated from your readings. Christine in Wisconsin.

Lady Kaye has done many many readings for me and it is almost as if I have had a lifelong friendship with her!  Even on your first reading, she knows all of the details and expressions that only someone who is very acquainted with you would know.  She is precise and to the point. In addition to reading for you, she poses questions with answers to subjects that might come to mind for you after the reading is over.  Things that you are not thinking to ask.  She has such great and glorious insight!  Along with being the most accurate psychic that I have ever dealt with, she is extremely sensitive, patient and always POSITIVE (showing the good side to the situation).  She offers solutions and doesn't just leave you hanging to figure things out for yourself.  She has offered readings for me that have helped me with the situation that I am calling about, as well as other areas of  my life. When I first came to her, I was having a hard time relating to my boyfriend.  With her help and guidance, step by step, things have changed.  I love you, Lady Kaye, and God bless you for all that you do!  I pray for you and your business whenever I think of you!  Yves - Atlanta

Lady Kaye's readings were sooo accurate!! I wish i had stumbled across her site earlier..coz it was thru her readings that i found out so many hidden truths. My mind is much clearer & im happier  now...May her blessed service prosper !! And i will certainly keep bugging her for MORE readings..God Bless Her  :) Tami-Singapore ;)

What an absolute pleasure it was to speak to you today! You put my mind and heart at ease. You clarified some information for me that really helped me focus on more positive energy. You gave me hope for the future and desire to persue it with my heart, not to accept compromise on what I really want. I found you to be so very warm, caring and a blessing to me! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness, compassion and love that was so evident in your voice and advice. I wish I had more time and moeny so we oculd have talked more! I do hope I will have the opportunity to talk to you again soon and look forward to that happening! God bless you and thank you again!  JoAnne - Canada

Definately a great reading, looking forward to the changes we spoke of and i will call again for an update. Darla -  Quebec

Lady Kaye, i must say that speaking with you has completely changed my life. You don't know how much I appreciate your help yesterday and i will remember you for the rest of my life... I pray that God's blessings will over flow to you and your family's lives..Thanks again Elvis Profitt

I just got done with my reading and I am totally impressed. I am a psychic reader and Lady Kaye blew me away. I am going through some challenging issues in my life and I needed an outside perspective. Lady Kaye is the real deal. She hit the nail on the head and was compassionate and clear in her reading of my situation. She sees and speaks the truth. It was such a relief to hear what was going on! I feel much more in control of my situation and much more optimistic about my future! I highly recommend her and will be calling again!  KN, Illinois

I want to take this opportunity to thank Lady Kaye for her constant direction and support.  Over the past year, Lady Kaye has been reading for me and her readings are always right on!  I had a reading with her in December 2009 and today, I am starting to see the predictions we spoke about come to fruition.  She has also been a wise advisor to me with personal situations and has given me great advice on how to deal with these situations.  I just want to take this time to say "Thank You" because you are a gift to so many of us!  God Bless and thank you!  Kay - Illinois

Lady Kaye
thanx so much for the wonderful reading. there r no words to describe how great u r!!!! i have had other readings and my goodness u r the best!! whoever reads this testimonial you have got to give Lady Kaye a call. i feel so much more at ease and have more clarity. your readings are at great prices and i will call again. thanx so much and god bless you. Love u Lady Kaye    Brittany - Louisiana 

I am so lucky I found Lady Kaye.  I was very impressed with the e-mail reading that I forwarded it to my best friend (who knows me very well) and she thought the same thing I did.  Lady Kaye is very specific and her e-mails were well written and she has quite a gift.  I've paid for phone readings in the past but nowadays some psychics keep raising their prices (it's like paying rent all over again for some of them). I was a bit skeptic to do the e-mail thing but it was well worth it.  I still cannot believe the insight that she has.  Very helpful.  I have saved her info and she will be my psychic from now on.  A good psychic doesn't have to break your bank.  Before I thought "the more expensive the better right?"  Not necessarily as I found out.  she's GOOD!  Elaine, Northern VA

Thank you so much for your help in directing in me a positive direction. You have hit every point in my readings...and you truely have a gift. Thank you, thank you. Talk to you soon. Lori - Texas

Lady Kaye is a remarkable person. She commented on things that no one else knows about!  I like her style.  She, like I said, is a remarkable person with an amazing gift! Cori, NC

I have felt much more peaceful about my situation since we talked.  I appreciate your empathy, support and prayers.  You obviously take your gift seriously and are genuine in your desire to help people!  : )  C.C. -MN

Lady Kaye is a very genuine and caring person. She offers good advice and most importantly she enjoys talking to me. A lot of psychics seek money as their objective, but with Lady Kaye, your welfare is her main concern.  Nia - Texas

You helped me realize that I need to strengthen my connections with others- a no brainer- why didn't I think of that!? Excellent reader, I could tell she used many different methods and resources to get the answers just right.  Thank you!
Wendy - Oregon

I want to thank you for helping me with my situation with my boyfriend.  The information you told me about him was very helpful and we are back together.  Janice - NC

I just want to thank you for the wonderful reading and the experience of talking with you. You made me realize alot about myself, and where I can make some changes to improve how I do things. Nothing has happened to date, but I only spoke with you yesterday! I will definately call you again, and will update you on your predictions that you had for me. You are an amazing woman, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Jeanette - SK

Lady Kaye is a wonderful psychic  who is actually concerned about your spiritual and emotional health who will direct you back towards your own power and living life deliberately and harnessing your own power to master your life as opposed to life mastering you. Thankyou, Kaye for helping me take responsibility and helping me take back my life. Jason - New York

Thank you so much. Your reading helped give me closure and was inspirational. Now I'm ready to move on and see what the future has to offer."  Yvonne - Florida

Lady Kaye, I am sorry to ask Questions about my ex-bf all the time but thanks for given me some great advices on my love life. Lady Kaye is a very nice and caring person, I have been asking her about my ex-bf from time to time during the last 12 months, she is very honest and her reading is always accurate. Even now I still feel amazed at the quality and accuracy of her reading. Again thank you very much for your help!!
Queenie, NY       
You are a loving caring individual.  You helped me to be relaxed and gave me hope and strength for the future.   Daphne

Lady Kaye was so accurate about me and my relationship and especially about the way I've been feeling.  She gave me good advice on what to do so I am going to give it a try!  I will definitely be calling her again for an update reading.  W.H. - Louisiana

Lady Kaye's readings are hauntingly accurate and very enjoyable.  She takes her time to give a good reading and doesn't rush to finish.  She truly knows her craft and does it very well.  Thank you for making things clearer for me!  Yours, Kathrynn

I have never spoken to a more genuine psychic.  You gave me insight, guidance, light, love and choices.  So often psychics make one prediction for your life and guarantee the outcome.  You gave me direction and showed me that life is about free will and choices.  Also, in the time we spent together you made me feel like you were with me in my situation and you cared about it as much as I did.  You are not only a gifted psychic but a kind and caring person.  I have put my faith and trust in the insight you have given me.  Thank you. Myrna - New York

I have been a client of Lady Kaye's for about a year or so. She has inspired my life and influenced me to make better choices. I have received radiant chakra healings from her also. The day after I got my first healing I  hugged this very spiritual woman classmate of mine and she said there was a very good energy emanating from me. 
 I know that Lady Kaye is the real deal because I have spoken to psychics before and Lady Kaye honors free will and never tries to upsell. Every time she has ever suggested I do something it has benefited me beyond measure. She charges a nominal fee for what she does. Even when I have felt hurt by another person, she helped me to feel genuine compassion for them, which is more healing than anything. She has told me when I am out of line in a caring way. She follows up out of genuine caring raher than self promotion. I just can't say enough good things and I suggest you call her no matter what your situation is.  Kristen - Washington

Thank you so much Lady Kaye for the psychic information and guidance you have given me throughout the years.  This testimonial is long overdue.  You have not only helped me understand my relationship with Bruce but also uplifted me in way's that have helped me consistently move forward in my life.  I love your sense of humor and I always know in my heart that when I need to get back on track....I just need to call Lady Kaye.  You have become my trusted advisor and I send you blessings that all those that need help in life will find your website. Kassandra - Louisiana

I was able to open up completely as she was to see the deepest cause of my life's issues. She is higly spiritual and can connect at all levels.  Gina -    California

The readings that I have received from Lady Kaye are phenominal.  She will start out at the surface of the reading and dig way down to get to the nitty gritty of the situation.  She has read for me for several years and things we have discussed have happened.  Today, she was able to reach deep down and explain to me what is currently happening in a personal situation.  She was 100% accurate and right on with the thoughts and feelings involved.  If you want the truth and guidance needed for a positive outcome, please give her a call.  I can guarantee that I will be calling here again, sooner than later.  Thanks so much for your guidance today!  You are truly intuitive and empathic, and I thank you for sharing your gift with me!  Rhonda - Illinois

Thank you so much. I enjoyed our conversation so much. You were right on about everything. I will definitely keep you updated how things go.  You are great. Rosalie - Hawaii

Excellent reading. Will definitely use again. Suzy - NY

Just a note to say that I feel like you know me like an open book,you have touched me in a way that no one else has and you don't even know me but only by my readings.
You are the blessing that god sent to me for when I need a friend for all the times when I'm feeling down.I just feel at a lost some times and at times I feel like I have no one but god to turn to he is truly my best and foremost friend,he has been there many a times to pike me up when I've fallen,and with him and you by my side watching over me I feel that I'm the most blessed snowfairieangel in the world  Thank you Lady Kaye for being the most kindest,caring,loving and blessed women that you are.May god bless you always. Sandy.

I want to thank you for you wonderful reading...not only did you help me to be more relaxed...but also gave me a insight on how to look at the things I do....I will follow your advice, and I trust that all will work out for the better. Amanda - Ohio

AMAZING, WONDERFUL, HONEST,and SINCERE. Truly a beautiful spirit who wants, and is able to help! Thank you. I will keep you posted!  Nancy - New York

Thank you so much for your personal interest in my situation. For you to take time to send me this note is so very special to me...I still can't believe you do that. You are one special woman and I feel blessed to have found you. Thank you for the positive "confirmation" today....maybe my prayers are finally being answered. Have a wonderful day and although it is a bit early I wish you a Happy Mothers Day....I don't know if you have children or not but you are very much a "mother" to many of us out here who feel lost.  Thanks for showing us our way back "home"...where the heart is   Theresa - NM

Wonderful reader.  Ron -MN

Thanks alot Lady Kaye for a GREAT reading once again! You have gotten me through some real tough times. I feel things really turning around for us now, If I hadn't called you this morning and picked up on his mood I would have never had to courage to call and break the ice. I feel things can only get better from here on out and I owe alot of that to you TRUTH is always best. Lady Kaye is the best! Tracey

The reading last night was phenomenal!   I would definitely talk to you again in six months towards the new year!  You were so right on with all my questions. Samantha - Illinois

Thank you Lady Kaye. Yes your words came true, I have the job that I've been dreaming of. I have a stronger faith than ever before. Faith in myself, in my heart. Thank you for your candid and profound reading. Emi - New York  
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