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How To Know
If Someone Is In Love With You
"Why is it that we don't always recognize the moment love begins, but we always recognize the moment it ends?"
- Unknown 
Love is not only an emotion or a feeling but love is also an action!  There is the obvious signs of showing love as the picture above implies.  But, love is also shown in a number of ways verbally and nonverbally if we just listen, watch and observe.  When the heart is open our bodies, thoughts and intentions just seem to come through naturally....almost as if you have been relating to this person for a million years.  If you have ever wondered if your partner loves you, truly loves you observe if his/her words match up to their actions.
Body Language
If someone is in love with you or extremely interested in you the body language will scream volumes to you if you are watching.  Much of body language, the movements of the body are coming from the subconcious mind so can be a good monitor how your person of interest is relating to you, feeling towards you and how much they love you.  Watch for spontaneous movements of the persons body coming in towards you, does the person take their body and bring it close to your spontaneously?  A person who is in love with you has a need to have their body close to yours.  Does the person slightly touch your arm to make a point or emphasis something they are saying?  When in a crowd does the person you are with grab and hold your hand.  When we are in love we naturally have a desire for our physical bodies to be close to the physical body of the person that we are feeling love for.  When speaking to you is the persons body language open to you - can you almost see their body inviting you in to hear what they have to say?  Does your interested person touch you, come up and give you a hug.  Our bodies follow our thoughts and feelings in love relationships so watch the body language of the person you are with and also monitor your own towards the other person.

Personal Contact
A person in love with you or strongly interested cannot not communicate with you.  You will find the person will spontaneously send you a text for no apparent reason, call you to discuss something that happened at work.  Contact is always heightened in the beginning of every relationship when everyone is still on their good behavior but as the months and years unfold love still keeps a desire in the persons heart to communicate with you.  In essence, you become best friends and best friends share intimate moments, interesting moments, surprising news.  It is not always how many times a person makes contact with you but the nature of the content.  So, don't panic if your love interest isn't emailing you, texting you or phoning you a few times a day.  We are looking for overall behavior that shows - I'm into you!  Now, worth mentioning that amount of "contact" can be determined by the type of boyfriend/girlfriend you have so look for the quality of the content of the contact.  For example:  if you are dating someone who is quite anal retentive or very organized they may not be the type of person who is into constant contact because they prioritize their day.  Again, it isn't how often but what the content or the reason for the contact that dictates how a person feels about you.

Holidays/Special Occasions
Eventually if you become a couple you will begin the process of spending holidays together and inviting each other to special occasions with either work, family or friends.  When a person is in love with you they want to be a part of your life and they want you to be a part of their life.  It is a natural next step in the forming of a relationship.  Meeting family, which is still considered "the big one" can take time so be patient if you haven't gotten to that step yet.  But, spending time together on special days will just come naturally when you are both in love with one another.  The person in love with you may begin mentioning about doing something with your friends - a great sign that this person is feeling pretty strongly for you!  The person in love with you will want you to meet friends and eventually family.  After you have dated for 1-2 months the next stage of dating is introductions to friends and socializing with friends.  Then eventually over time families will start coming into the picture as far as special gatherings, holiday's, etc.  This stage is almost effortless and rather silently assumed by both parties and seems to happen naturally.  Someone "in" to you kind of wants to show you off and show their peer group that they are dating and who they are dating.

I will tread lightly on this subject as everyone has their own economic barometer and these things do cost money.  However, receiving that special event bouquet of flowers or a special gift is also a sign that someone loves you as it gives them the opportunity to feel thoughtful and when we are feeling thoughtful it makes us feel good about ourselves.  Now, just because your girlfriend/boyfriend hasn't gotten you flowers up to this point doesn't mean that they are not in love with you but within reason flowers/gifts for specific types can be used as a barometer as to how much someone loves you.  I would use this category as the last barometer because of potential money restraints and some people are just not big gift givers but after awhile in your relationship a treat or two should come your way atleast on special days, such as your birthdate.  

Saying "I Love You"
Yes, an obvious sign but the actual words should also be included in all of the above.  Some people may not be big on the "I Love You" part but may be stronger in touching you, holding your hand, including you in special events of their life so take this category and combine with all of the other signs to come up with a fair take on how your person is feeling towards you.  For women, these are important words to hear because they validate us, make us feel secure and loved.  For the guys, step it up and say it more if you are reading this...they are important words to us!

A person in love with us will be willing to naturally listen to us when we are babbling on and on about what a co-worker did to us at work today.  Now, love dictates that we naturally have empathy and compassion towards the person that we love so a gentle caring will exist that will cause the person to naturally want to listen to our woes up to a point.  Harping, nagging or being negative all of the time does not cut it!  But, the person loving us should naturally want to console us, listen to us if something has hurt us and offer wise, productive advice to help us get over our woes and little day to day hurts.

Doing Things Together
A person in love with you cannot not be with you!  The person naturally wants to do things with you, go to a game, go on a trip.  The person wants to spend time with you and includes you in their lives.  They will mention about taking a trip to Vegas, going to Nascar the following Sunday.  When we are in love we are uplifted by the person that we love so it is natural to want to spend time with them and do things with them.  Going to a movie, how fun for a date night.  The person will mention things to do or will ask if you if you would like to do something.  You are a couple and this is what couples do!

A certain degree of romance and/or romantic behavior will exist.  So much of romance is being thoughtful, attentive, supportive but those romantic moments will happen naturally and the frequency has nothing to do with how much someone loves you.  Your sexual relationship will have a warmth to it, a natural flow of sexuality and desire to please the other person.  That is what love does and that is what love is.  At the end of the day loving someone is making them feel good about themselves as much as possible thereby feeling good about yourself because you have made another person happy.
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