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Psychic Readers Come in All Styles and Psychic Gifts

Psychic readers are people who use a sixth sense to get an indication of what is going to happen in an individuals life or circumstance.  The process of facilitating psychic readings and reading people psychically can take many different forms as based on the psychics learned method of study or preference in conjuring up energy that allows him or her to read the energy of another person.

Another well known term for psychic would be extra sensory perception.  Psychics perceive what is going on in and around a person by reading that persons aura, energy, tone of voice.  There are many forms of psychic phenomena.  A person who is a psychic medium relies on no tools, such as tarot, runes, pendulum but reaches and communicates at a higher plane by developing a skill of being able to hear or see symbols from a spirit guide, archangels, or ancestral beings that the psychic chooses to align themselves with.  Other psychics are just as psychic but may use the guidance of tarot cards or runes.  The tarot cards are the oldest form of divination and are extremely accurate when focusing on a particular life event.  The tarot deck has 78 cards total and is divided into the major arcana and the minor arcana.  Runes are ancient stones when cast can psychically tell a story of a persons life or specific circumstance.  Other psychics may use a pendulum which has been around for centuries.  The pendulum is a stone, agate or gemstone that hangs from a strong or chain and is used for yes or no answers.

The art of predicting what is going on in the mind of another person is usually known as a psychic reading. It involves the usage of deep analysis and intuition of a person or a problem that a person is having  A psychic reader may also use clairvoyant, clairaudient and claircognizance ability.  A psychic reader using the clair's to read people or their circumstances accurately may see symbols, numbers, or very quick scenes emanating from their third eye which is located in the center of the forehead.  Some psychics who have a natural ability to heal may meditate and open their chakras to receive energetic input being sent from the person that they are reading or the circumstance that they are reading about.  Typically clairvoyant psychics use no other tools to conjur up the energy needed to read another person.  Whether a psychic is using clairvoyant ability or psychic ability using divination tools such as iChing, Runes, Tarot Cards or the pendulum the psychic insight is the same.  Many people ordering a psychic reading will sometimes think that only psychic mediums can predict the future and that those using divination tools are not as psychic.  This is absolutely not true as the psychic insight comes through the solar plexus or the crown chakra inspite of the tools or methods that are being used to deliver a reading.  To give some example some psychics will read tea leaves at the bottom of a tea cup, a plain playing card deck versus a tarot card deck, reading the palms of a persons hand, numerology to select lifes direction in the querants life.  All psychic ability comes through irrespective of the methods or tools being utilized to conduct the psychic reading.

Some psychics will also use a method called automatic writing.  The psychic will tap into the energies around the querant and through the use of spirit guides will automatically write the message that the person is enquiring about.  Some other psychics may use remote viewing where they will be able to see whole pictures like a scene of a movie telling you about events that will happen in advance in your situation or life.
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