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First Time User Phone Reading
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How To Order Your Introductory
Phone Psychic Reading
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*A First Time User means that you have not had a psychic phone reading or email psychic reading from Affordable Psychic Readings prior to this purchase.
International User's will incur the cost of the long distance call.  US Residents - Free

First Time User Psychic Phone Reading*
One Question Email Reading*

1 Question Email Reading $12.00
Phone Readings 15, 30 or 45 Minutes
For 80-cents/minute

Accurate Psychic Phone Readings that will put a smile on your face!

Irrespective of where you are coming from in life or the circumstances that you find yourself in.....connecting to a psychic and receiving a phone reading can help you get unstuck, bring resolution to sticky situations going on in your life and help you gain insight into another person
introdutory psychic phone reading for first time users of affordable psychic readings
Introductory Psychic Phone Readings at Affordable Psychic Readings

Love Psychic Phone Readings for relationship issues, finding new love, future of existing relationship and divorce.
Money Psychic Phone Readings for future forecasting, turn-arounds, sudden good fortune.
Career Psychic Phone Readings for challenges on current job, when you will find suitable work, new career path and direction.
Life Changes Psychic Phone Readings for divine direction, life purpose, changing the direction of your life.

15 Minute Reading - $12.00 - 30 Minute Reading - $24.00 - 45 Minute Reading - $36.00
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Phone or Email to set time for your reading:

You must be 18+ years of age.  For entertainment and personal growth purposes only.
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Introductory Psychic Phone Readings - First Time User Psychic Phone Readings
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Affordable Psychic Readings
affordable phone psychic readings & email psychic readings since 2004
Straight-Forward Psychic Phone Readings
No Gimmicks, Reocurring Charges or Memberships
International User's & Those Not Wanting to do a Phone Reading

$12.00 for a one question email reading for First Time User's Only.

Order below then send your question to the email link below.

One Question
Reading is approximately 500-600 words.  Very thorough and accurate.
If you have ordered a email reading please provide us with your first name and birthdate and if asking about another person his/her birthdate as well along with your question,

Turn around time on email readings is 72 hours.