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Loss of energy. Fatigue and sudden loss of energy is a strong symptom of most curses, particularly if the curses have specifically been done to drain the individuals energy.  This type of energy drain would be similar to what one would experience if you have anyone around you that is a psychic vampire and taking your energy to use as their own.  If you have ordinarily been a vibrant and positive person and suddenly you feel dull and listless you could be suffering from entity contamination.  You might experience a loss of desire for most things and mind wandering and not focused.
Nightmares and Sleep Disorders. One of the most obvious symptoms of being cursed or hexed is trouble sleeping. This can range from not being able to sleep, waking up startled at about the same time every night, nightmares that scare you or have things hurling towards you.  While we all experience sleep challenges from time to time this type of sleeplessness and nightmares has a different tone to it and is different from the normal not being to sometimes sleep.
Financial Loss/Job Loss.  Sudden loss of money, property or jobs are a reasonably good indication that you may have something working against you, particularly if everything has been fine or reasonably good in any of these areas.  A negative entity or spells are intended to ruin the persons life, specifically in finances, relationships or health.  Anything from suddenly being laid off from work to having property stolen can be the outcomes of a financial curse.  If you have experienced a sudden loss of money it wouldn't hurt to ask if you have a curse of some type against you.
Misfortune of loved ones. If loved ones, children or people close to you suddenly begin to suddenly start experiencing a significant amount of misfortune unhealthy energies could be trying to destroy not only you but those you love or care about.  This would be an extreme case but today with so much internet access and being exposed to so many people these energies can ruin not only your life but those you care about.  Some curses are aimed at damaging a person's entire life.
Self Destructive/Self Sabotaging Behavior. The object of entity contamination and/or spells, curses and hexes is to use you to destroy your life so if you have any weakness within yourself, for example - challenges with work, dysfunctional relaitonships these entities will get you to self-destruct and ruin them by either improper behavior, sudden anger or anything the opposite of what you are trying to create.  If you don't feel quite like yourself or if you are doing things in any area of your life that you wouldn't ordinarily do them you should find out if you are contaminated.
Love and Relationships.  Curses and spells to harm relationships are the most prevalent.  Anything sudden or out of the ordinarily in this part of your life could mean interference of the negative kind.  Sudden break-ups, anger between partners, agitation are all signs that your relationships are being hit with negative contamination.  Try not to confuse dysfunction with negative contamination.  Some dysfunctional relationships can appear to have negative contamination when in actuality it is a dysfunctional relationship.  Curses and spells usually have an explosive or sudden energy that kind of explodes at a swift pace and seems to come out of nowhere.
Chances are if you have found this page you might be wondering or suspecting that something other than your real self (higher self) is causing all of the bad luck in your life.  The following is guidelines that can give you some insight into yourself, those around you and your life circumstances.  While not all negative happenings in our lives are always caused from a curse or a spell or a negativie entity contaminating us it is best to read through the signs and see if any resonate with you.
Signs That You May Suffering From Negative Entities, Curses and Spells
Much is written today and heaven's knows plenty of people are facilitating the removal of negative energy that has to be mind-boggling for those of you who truly want to live a more positive lifestyle.  Beware of psychics or energy healers that say the following:

“You’re cursed. This curse is at the root of all your problems. I will remove it for you in return for money or candles”

Yes, curses can be real and difficult sometimes to detect since they manifest out through our own personality/ego causing us to act in unbecoming ways, be self-destructive, self-sabotaging, make poor decisions, experience lack and poor health which lead us to a string of failed relationships and jobs.  Below is some guidelines for you to chew on that will help you see if you have any of the following traits that could be causing misfortune in your life..
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A Self-Help Guide to Responsibly Get Out From Under a Negative Lifestyle
Say "NO" to Curses, Hexes and Entity Contamination
Say "YES" to Personal Well-Being!
someone has put a spell on me
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