removing negativity from your life

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living a positive life
Freeing Yourself
From a Negative Lifestyle

Are Your Thoughts

Negative Thoughts
Create a Negative Life
What is a negative lifestyle?  

Living in lack - lack of money, lack of love, lack of peace of mind. lack of good health.

​This is more than having bad luck.  Until you can fully grasp that you are the creator of your life, both positive and negative.  If you create positive thoughts you will attract positive things, if you create negative thoughts you will continue to attract negative things.

Behind the negative thinking some of the causes can be ancestral in that your family was negative, someone put a curse on you (be care of this one).  Even if you feel that someone has put a curse on you - it can only take affect and work if you give in to the negativity.  So, if you are already living a negative lifestyle this will create more negativity.

Curses work from within outward so you have more control over them than you may think.  Taking baby steps to create more positive energy in your energy field is a process.

To begin immediately to instill more positive energy around you and more positive circumstances begin with a list of negative things in your life:  Money issues, love issues, stinkin' thinkin', etc.  Turn your negatives into positives by taking care of business.  If your money is negative than you are probably having challenges in your love life.

Begin by paying off debt, getting a new job...whatever needs to be done to make yourself right with money....if you have a negative mind and an abundance of negative thoughts that you are emitting out into the Universe that is what you will attract back.  Wear a rubber band around your wrist and snap yourself when a negative thought comes through your mind.  This will raise your awareness of your own thinking.  For every negative thought write down a new and positive thought to counter-attack the negative.

Regarding your relationships - heal and forgive any that are not right.  Accept responsibility for the part that you played in creating these relationships and write down steps on how you could make this relationship better.  While you cannot change the other person - you can make things better by you changing first.

Removing negative energy, curses, the evil eye is easier than you may think.  Has your negative energy become a habit, is this all that you are used too.  If this has been long term and you have been challenged with negativity than love yourself a little everyday and take energetic baby steps to begin the process of living a more positive life.  Darkness will want you to stay stuck so if you are experiencing reluctance, anger when you try to do something good for yourself that is just the negativity trying to hold you back so you can be happy.  All of this does require a bit of mental fortitude but give the negativity a good swift kick in the butt and take control of your own thoughts.  Don't let darkness take control of your mind.  Small changes can have big results.

Sending you positive thoughts and healing energy.
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