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Psychic Scams
Be careful of this type of psychic reading - Removing curses, hexes and reuniting lovers.  A good psychic reading will be comfortably priced, give you an overview of your situation and specific psychic insight regarding your situation.  No additional money is needed to facilitate your psychic reading at Affordable Psychic Readings.  This is a honest and reliable psychic service.
Ask For Clarification
If something is said that you don't understand, speak up and ask for more information.  The purpose of a psychic reading is to get an understanding of things and gain a new perspective.  This is your life and your time to focus on yourself  If you are wanting to know specific things focus on what it is that you are wanting to know.  General readings may or may not give you the insight that you need.  Prior to your reading think about what information would help you the most.  Take notes of significant things that pop out at you during the reading.  Those insights can be helpful to you in the days following your reading.  A good reading is a two-way street!  Have a clear idea of what you want to focus on.  The more aware you are of what you want to have answered the more effective the reading will be.  A reading with two or three questions to focus on will usually be more satisfactory to you then general or open-ended question and you hoping that specific information will come through.  Be open and allow a psychic to connect to your energy.
Realistic Expectations
A psychic reading consists of information that comes through in bits, pieces, visual symbols, auditory words and/or phrases pertaining to your situation.  We are passing on to you how things are appearing or the direction they will take if this situation continues the way it is currently going.  Take the information you receive & build upon it by taking the actions you need to create the end result of what the psychic reading has revealed to you.  Also, when asking about a love relationship you and your psychic reader are dealing with another person's own free will.  If you have heard that you will reunite, don't rush the process by taking action too fast as your partner may not be at the same level that you are at in that moment in time and events may need to happen so both people will be ready to come back together in perfect timing.  I am asked often regarding timeframes. Timeframes are challenging particularly in relationship matters.  In the Spirit world there is no such thing as time so be patient and give you psychic timeframe prediction a few days before or a few days after your probable date or time.  Don't ask general timeframes, for example:  When will I meet someone?  Too broad and sweeping as you could meet many "someone's" so ask - will I meet someone suitable in the next twelve months or less?  Work with manageable timeframes as if you project too far out into the future too many things can happen or change.
Create a safe space, if possible, where you can feel relaxed, comfortable and open-minded.  If possible turn off the television and radio and light a candle for focus and peace of mind.  For you cell phone user's prepare yourself as well by creating a private, safe secure environment where you will not be interupted or have to worry about people coming in.  If you are driving while receiving your psychic reading it is best to pull over to the side of the road as road noise can be distracting for your psychic and you could become distracted..
State of Mind
Prior to your reading take some time to relax.  Center your thoughts, breathe deeply a few times and just let all of the tension leave your body.   It's always a good idea to meditate or pray prior to your session. Spending time focusing on the questions you have helps to ensure that you are focused but relaxed and ready to receive. Communicate with your Higher Source and ask for discernment regarding your reading. You want to arrive with an open heart and mind but remember that two of your greatest gifts are free will and choice. Never give your personal power away and never rely solely upon the advice you receive from anyone to make major life decisions. Weigh what you are told against your own common sense and the information you have available to you in your own life.  Ask for insight that you feel you would really like to know.  General readings may not pull up exactly what you are seeking so be clear on what it is that you would like to know or need to know regarding yourself, a current relationship or seeking employment.
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