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Throughout the last sixteen years as a psychic reader I have seen psychic readings inform, enlighten, heal, motivate and inspire!

I have talked to people from all over the world with all different economic backgrounds, religions, viewpoints but while I like to believe that we are all so much alike inspite of how we look, how we dress, how much money we have in the bank at the end of the day, or should I say at the end of a psychic reading our heart's open to the possibilities in our lives and/or circumstances and we all become one.

So often our circumstances can be indicative of what is really going on within ourselves that we are acting out through our circumstances or situations.  I would hope that like all psychic readers you will be open to the energy coming through in your reading, that you will ask questions, ask for clarification and trust that the insight that is coming through for you will help you move forward in your life.

Psychic Love Readings are interesting psychically because we are tapping into two people's human wills and two peoples backgrounds which have molded them and shaped them as far as their own perceptions and realities about themselves and their life.  

I am often asked why the outcome of a psychic readings changes after a reading.  This is easy, or should I say fairly easy to answer in that it can arise from several probables.  The outcome can be altered by the two people themselves - a disagreement could have arisen, a change in plans, an unforseen event, the psychic could have been mis-reading the psychic message, the person receiving the reading knowing the outcome may have approached her beloved too soon and not given enough time to traspire for the psychic prediction to manifest.  One memory that comes to mind as a psychic reader is a psychic reading I did where the client was told that her and her boyfriend would reunite and it included an approximate timeframe for this manifesting.  Well, she did receive a call but when she heard his voice she got very angry over past events and she read him the riot act.  Not exactly a way to get someone to come back to you?  So, this is how the outcome can be modified.....Don't get ahead of your psychic reading when it is involving another person as time has to unfold to create the end result as the psychic is seeing it in your psychic reading.

Let's talk about psychic timeframes.  In the Spirit world there is no such thing as time.  Timeframes are challenging and they can be altered by a day or two to a few days.  We are reading your energy and the energy of the person that you are asking about so all of this energy transpires into approximations when this event or when this outcoe will be manifested.  It is usually best to take psychic timeframes as not literal, in other words if a psychic say's that someone will call on such and such a date they may very well call the day before or the day later.  It does not mean that the details of your reading are inaccurate it is merely a timeframe that is determined by the actions, reactions and plans that come up for the parties involved.

Psychic insight or what may appear to be advice may come out in your psychic reading, particularly if your psychic is claircognizant.  Claircognizance is clear knowing - in other words, you know without knowing why.  That type of psychic insight may appear to be "advice" directed at you and your psychic reading but in actually it can be divinely inspired psychic insight that if you follow you can assist in manifesting with your own psychic reading.  If something pops out at you in your psychic reading and you don't understand what it means during your psychic reading meditate upon it for a few days and you will more times than not receive some type of divinely inspired psychic guidance or psychic insight that you need to know about your present situation.

How to use psychic readings.  A psychic reading should affirm what you are already thinking, feeling or sensing about your situation.  If you sense something about your situation and you turn to a psychic reading as a form of magical thinking then pay attention to that.  We all want to hear positive things about our lives or situation but also pay attention to your own inner voice on the matter.  If you feel you are in an impossible situation ask questions in your psychic readings, such as - how can I turn this situation around, is there anything I could do to alter this outcome.  The psychic insight coming through in your reading is not etched in stone - it is merely a probability that if everything stay's the same as it is right now this will be the probable outcome.

Many people will ask me where I get the psychic insight that I do.  For one thing, before each reading I do a meditation to cleanse myself, protect myself from any negative energies that could be harmful to me and you.  I call upon God, ArchAngel Michael and my two Spirit Guides to assist me in the reading.  I will then activate my crown chakra and ask for divine intelligence for the duration of our time together.  From your end, be open to your reading.  Breath, open yourself up to receive your psychic reading.  It can be challenging for someone to close themselves off during the reading as we are reading your energy as well.  Trust that the most perfect psychic insight will come through in your psychic reading and it will.  You may not always hear what you want to hear but be open to any and all information so you will know how to proceed in your situation or circumstance.        
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On a Personal Note

I hope that you do find dozens of rainbows in your own hearts and others that will propel you forward to create exactly the type of life that you envision for yourselves.  Use your psychic readings as a way to give you guidance and to know which door to open and perhaps which door to close....psychic readings can be magical to those seeking a better life, , better relationships and prosperity.
People for centuries have been getting psychic readings.  True, in the last 20 years with internet access this industry has grown by leaps and bounds.  While the psychc industry has had it's own ups and downs I am sure we all remember the times when you could charge a psychc reading to your phone and didn't need to have a credit card.  In looking back upon those tmes - and the psychc lnes that were bankrupting people I still maintained an optimism that psychic readings can really help you in your life and circumstance.  Psychcs use various styles and methods to deliver your readng but in the end it is probably pretty much the same i insight coming through with different angles and slants on it.  The psychcs that I have known throughout my lifetime have been credible, gifted and talented beyond measure of helping people and delivering appropriate psychic insight to everyday people with everyday challenges..

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