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Butterfly Whispers
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We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty. 
Maya Angelou

Spring is Here
A Time of New Beginnings​ and Rebirth

Spring is and can be a heartwarming season to make changes within yourself or in your actual circumstances. Spring signifies rebirth and new beginnings.

If you could be reborn again what would you be like, what traits would you have, how would you look, what would your life be mirroring back to you?

If you were to manifest a new beginning in your life what would it be? What would this new beginning look like.  How would this new beginning make you feel? Who would be around you and what activities would you be doing

Select two areas of your life that you feel need nurturing. We all have a tendency to "wait" for things, especially in love. Waiting for a new beginning will just bring you frustration and added stress. Waiting for love will cause you to feel unhappy in your present as though you are stuck and not moving forward. Waiting is not cool!

If you spend most of your time "waiting" please do reflect on what you are waiting for and why are you waiting. What do you think is going to happen to bring you the goal you envision or the perfect person for you to arrive into your life. If you are waiting for the Universe to bring you the desires of your heart you will be waiting a long time unless you meet the Universe half-way by taking action(s) towards what it is that you want.

Keep it simple - your action plan. Start small with one or two things that you could do in each of the two areas that need tending too. Don't overwhelm yourself with unobtainable things to do or losing interest. People have a tendency to lose interest when they make something too complicated or too lengthy and detailed. Take short, small steps with your new life action plan.

If you are afraid to step outside your comfort zone then take those baby steps to build up a synergy, an energy to propel you forward, thereby, giving you more self-confidence. Rome wasn't built in a day but please do make an action plan, do something different, try something new.

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