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Yellow - Intellect, confidence, communication, travel, imagination and creativity. Yellow is the color of the element of Air. Burn yellow candles to heighten your visualization abilities. Before studying for any purpose, burn a yellow candle to stimulate your conscious mind. Light the candle and let it burn while you study. If you need to make a decision about something burn your candle to stimulate your processing abilities.

Pink - Love; friendship; compassion, relaxation. Pink candles can be burned during rituals designed to improve self-love, self-esteem, positive thoughts towards onself. They're ideal for weddings and for all forms of emotional union.  For friendship and poisitive thoughts about others.  A great candle that brings a softness and gentleness to you about all matters concerning self, partnerships, friendships.

Green - Money; prosperity; employment; fertility; healing; growth; abundance. Green is the color of the element of Earth. Burn when looking for a job or seeking a needed raise.  Use for prosperity in all area's of your life.  A great grounding color to use if you are feeling flighty or scattered and need the earth to remind you of your solidness and power.  Surround with evergreen branches, leaves, rocks, etc for grounding.

Orange - Attraction, energy, increasing personal physical energy. Burn to attract specific influences or objects.  Great for ambition, personal drive to meet goals, and legal matters. 

Red - Maintaining health, physical strength, physical energy, sex, passion, courage, protection. This color is the element of Fire.  Use red when you have passion behind a thought or a circumstance that you want to manifest.  Combine with pink to cover all elements of a love relationship, sexual potency plus sweet love.

Brown - A grounding color that can open you up for greater discernment and understanding in a specific circumstance or area of your life.  An aid for financial chalenges and disaster.  Attract wealth and financial success

Gold - Use in rituals to gain fortune or money.  Enhances all types of communication.  Is a powerful transmuting candle to gain enlightenment, protection, success.  Good protection from harm and helps advance psychic intuition.
Purple Power; healing severe diseases; spirituality; meditation; religion. Purple candles can be burned to enhance all spiritual activities, to experience higher psychic ability, material wealth and to invoke healing spiritually, physically and emotionally.  A wonderful to ground you and set your feet heading in the right direction.  Purple is powerful. 
White  -  Spirituality, protection; purification.  Also can be used for all purposes. White contains all colors. It's linked with the Moon. White candles are specifically burned for cleansing, purification and protection. If you're to keep but one candle on hand for magical purposes, choose a white one.

Blue  -  Healing; peace; patience, inspiration and devine wisdom.  Blue is the color of the element of Water. Blue is also used in the realm of sleep and of twilight. If you have trouble sleeping, charge a small blue candle with the visualization of yourself sleeping through the night. Burn it a few moments before you get into bed, then extinguish its flame.
A few suggestions:  Don't blow your candle out, snuff it out with fingers or a candle snuffer, use only wooden matches for candles and incense, if you are using candles to remove negativity from around yourself or for someone else don't burn them completely down.  When the removing negativity candle gets down to about a half of an inch remove it from your home and throw it away in a garbage bin or bury it.
To prepare for your candle ceremony a few things are worthy to discuss.  Don't get hung up on size or type of candles.  The most important thing is that it is a new candle.  A candle that has not been used before and one that you have selected so it will hold your vibration only. Trust your instincts when looking for candles.  You might go to the store thinking you are going to buy a green candle for money but low and behold you are attracted to the pink candles.  Open your heart and trust where you are led.  Intention, intention, intention is the name of the game when using candles to invoke something you desire.  Get real creative with things to put around your candle to appeal to your visual senses and to evoke emotion.  Any number of things can be used to make an altar and you can have one item next to your candle, none, or ten.  If you would like to add things there is so many items that can be used.  A piece of your favorite jewelry, pretty cloth materials to cover your table or shelf, elements from outside, seashells, pictures or loved ones, etc.  The list is endless.  It is whatever is meaningful and appealing to you and your senses.

Before placing your candle on your altar hold it between your hands and say a simple prayer, invoke your desire and meditate on your desire for a few minutes.  Talk to your candle about positive things regarding your situation, send your candle light and love and thank it in advance for assisting you.  If you feel so inclined take a needle and write into the candle something that is meaningful, names, or your desire.  Light your candle and invoke your desire.  Caution:  Do not leave your candle unattended unless it is in a very safe place.  If you do not want to leave it burning for long periods but want to continue then merely say a prayer and softly invoke again.  Your candle, altar, and ritual is your intention so you can't do anything wrong.  Enjoy and have fun with your candles.
Wishful thinking can be the first step in making dreams come true, however, the next step is taking action on your wishes.  Candle magic is a form of a ritual, a focus, a strong intention of something that you want to manifest.  If you are looking for more fun in your life, adventure, love, peace of mind or good health try a little candle magic.  Candle magic can even be used for overcoming negative habits, healing and settling disturbing atmosphere's in your home or office, protection from negative forces, regaining health.  The list goes on and on because we are unique individuals with a myriad of desires, needs, and problems.  Focus and intention is the brain power behind candle magic.  It is not merely lighting a candle and saying a prayer but being very clear on what you would like to invoke with the assistance of your special candle.  Candle magic is one of the simplest forms of magic because the things that you assemble to place around your candle can be purchased at any store or you probably already have things around you in your home that have meaning to you.  Personal items, things of beauty, the smell of flowers are all things that can be used in conjunction with your candles.  
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 Candle magic is one of the simplest forms to attract into your life what you desire and dream of.  Don't confuse this with spellcasting and trying to bend the will of another person. Considered sympathetic magic, it's a method which doesn’t require a lot of fancy ritual or expensive ceremonial artifacts. In other words, anyone with a candle can cast a spell.  Please do not use to try to bend the will of another as we are born with freewill choice.  Focus on yourself, your wants and dreams.  At the end of every candle session and/or prayer end it by saying:
"this or something better"
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