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If you seeking honest, accurate and straight forward answers? Meet Your Psychic Reader - Lady Kaye.  Your resident psychic is empathic, clairvoyant, intuitive and claircognizant.  She has intuitive abilities that allow her to feel your circumstances and to go deeper into the people involved to gain insight into their feelings and thoughts concerning you.  .Lady Kaye has been a professional intuitive reader since 1992 originally starting her career reading on the top psychic networks in the industry.  Affordable Psychic Readings was created in 2004 to help people from all walks of life to be able to afford fair-priced psychic phone readings and email readings that don't break the bank while not compromising quality and accuracy.  We hope you come along and join our "Affordable" family.  Lady Kaye won't disappoint!

Affordable Psychic Readings c.2004-2017 For entertainment and inspirational purposes only.  You must be 18+ years of age.
You Will Love Our Affordable Prices
For Psychic Phone Readings and Email Psychic Readings
cheap psychic phone readings,psychics,accurate psychic readings
Cheap Psychic Readings does not mean lesser quality because of a lower rate but a guarantee that you will get a quality, accurate and compassionate psychic phone reading or email reading by an experienced, proven psychic reader!
Are You Tired of Psychic Networks
and High Per Minutes Charges?
cheap psychic phone readings,cheap psychic email readings

Psychic Phone Readings $1.25/Minute...All of The Time!
First Time User Readings $.80 cents/Minute
Psychic Email Readings starting at $18.95

Types of 
Psychic Readings

Specializing in love and relationships.
How the person is feeling towards you
Where relationship will head in the future
Intuitive advice for challenged relationships
When will you meet your soulmate

Career and Wealth
Where is your current job heading in the future
​Find New Work and/or career path
What will your finances be like in the future

Personal Well-Being
Life purpose, divine insight into what direction you should take in life
​Cheap Psychic Readings at Affordable Psychic Readings

You will never be asked to purchase anything additional and/or to have negativity removed (scams) period!
You purchase the amount of time you need only!
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Affordable Psychic Readings