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Benefits of Reiki Distance Healing

Energy healing is excellent for healing any type of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues that may be holding you back from experiencing peace of mind, vitality and a sense of well-being.

When the flow of the “Life Force Energy” is disrupted, weakened or blocked, emotional or health problems can occur.  Imbalances can be caused from many situations occurring in our lives: Emotional or physical trauma, injury, negative thoughts and feelings, fear, worry, doubt, anger, anxiety, negative self-talk, toxicity, nutritional depletion, destructive lifestyles and relationships, neglect of self and lack of love for oneself and others.

Reiki Healing and Chakra Balancing will calm your spirit and soul, bring you peace of mind and balance to manifest what your heart desires.  I recommend it for anyone who is feeling stuck, frustrated, feeling unenthused or not feeling well emotionally and psychologically.  Free yourself of excess baggage from your past, diminish self-sabotaging behavior, heal from a broken heart.  The list is endless!  

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Angelic Reiki Healing and Chakra Balancing
How It Works

1.  If you are in the US, we will talk for approximately 30 minutes to discuss specific issues you may have about your life, the circumstances that you are in or goals for your healing.

2.  Your remote Reiki healing and chakra balancing will be 40 minutes in length and will include scanning your chakras, removing blockages, balancing, cleaning 
your energetic system and blessing you forward in love and light.

3.  You will be notified by email when your healing is finished and with any insights, instructions and/or things you could work on that came through in your healing.

4.  If you are an International User in lieu of the phone session you can opt for email as a way to express any concerns that you have and things that you would like to work on.  If you choose to do a phone session you would need to incur the cost of the long distance call.
Reiki & Chakra

70 Minutes

 reiki,reiki healing,remote reiki healing,affordable reiki healing
Archangel Raphael 
Reiki (Ray-Key) Distance Healing methods follow the Usui System of Natural Healing as taught by Dr. Mikao Usui.  Reiki is a non-denoninational energy healing protocol used worldwide.

Archangel Raphael is called upon to assist in your session.  Raphael is the archangel of healing.

Your practitioner, Kaye, is empathic, intuitive, clairvoyant, claircognizant and has been a professional psychic reader and healer since 2004.

Kaye's Healing Credientials:
1st-4th Degree Usui Reiki Ryoho
1-10th Degree Ascension Reiki.

Finally, angels, we love the angels who love to help us so they will be our wonderful silent helpers for the time that we are together.
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Remote Reiki healing
*Angelic Reiki Healing and Chakra Healing and Balancing is not a substitute for conventional medical diagnosis or treatment for any medical or psychological condition. For such issues, you should seek the proper licensed physician or healthcare professional. 
Chakra Balancing is included in your Reiki session.  To learn more about the chakras.....go here
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