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Affordable Psychic​​​​​​
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Psychic Phone Readings $1/Min | Psychic Email Readings starting at $19

super affordable psychic love readings with trusted advisor
Top-Rated Psychic
top rated psychic advisor
Call/Text 504.316.4610

Accurate, Affordable Psychic Readings with Kaye by Phone or Email

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Honest, Reliable and Accurate Psychic Readings since 2004!

Professional Clairvoyant/Claircognizant/Empathic Psychic Reader
​Call/Text 504.316.4610
A little about us....we have been in business in the psychic industry since 1997 and have literally talked to people all over the world.  Our customers are happy with their readings and even happier that our prices are low everyday!  Your psychic reading will address your issues directly and you will receive detailed, accurate and insightful psychic information

Psychic Kaye could not be more down-to-earth and was a full time psychic reader on the top two psychic networks in the industry.  She started Affordable Psychic Readings because of the per minute costs to the consumer which were exorbitant.  An accurate psychic phone reading or email reading is not determined by the price you pay but by the skill and gifts of the psychic that you have selected. She has many psychic abilities and gifts such as being a clairvoyant, claircognizant, intuitive/empathic. Her style of reading is direct, no sugar-coating, understanding and compassionate.
Love & Relationship Specialist | Career & Money | Family & Co-Workers
Spiritual & Personal Growth
Our readings deal with everyday life and real circumstances in all areas of your life. Psychic Kaye is also a love and relationship expert. Our psychic service is to provide you with as much information about your day-to-day life so as to help you move forward in whatever life circumstance that you find yourself in. A psychic reading can be a blessing in that it can point out little things to change in order to get a positive outcome. Our readings by phone or email are honest and reliable. We will take good care of you and our guarantee is that you will receive an indepth, private psychic reading.

Many people calling are asking about love, the future of a relationship, when will they meet the "one" or after breaking up if they would reunite. We handle your love questions with the utmost care because of the sensitivity of the matter. Psychic Kaye focuses on real-life conditions and those outcomes. Our psychic service is to provide you with as much inforation about your day-to-day life so as to help you move forward in whatever direction will lead you to your highest path and your most positive outcome.

We also cover work/career and finances. Money makes the world go around so our financial forecasting can be invaluable in gaining deeper insight into your situation. A psychic reading can be very beneficial in finding new work and we have done many readings regarding challenges with co-workers.​​​