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Call/Text 504.316.4610
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Fall Phone Psychic Reading Special

Fall Phone Psychic Reading Special

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Many say that they are Affordable Psychic Readings or use our name in their advertising but you have landed on the official site for www.affordablepsychicreadings.com

We have been providing professional psychic services since 2004. Our psychic readings are known for no sugar-coating but channeled insight that will answer your current questions and where you will head in the future in the vairous areas of your life

Our psychic readings come in two formats: You can have a psychic phone reading or an email psychic reading. Both are facilitated the same way with the same psychic insight coming through that is accurate and detailed.  ​​
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We have been getting it right for 15 years with our psychic phone readings! No per minute charges so you don't have to worry about spending more then you need too or having a computer cut you off mid-sentence. True psychic counseling takes time so if we go over a few minutes you don't pay extra.

​Whatever is on your mind concerning your life we follow the golden rule that no question is too small or too big! We supply psychic readings on every aspect of life including career, money, co-workers, personal growth, emotional and physical health, family issues, court cases, love and relationships. We value our time with you, so let's get started!​​
Keep Looking
Don't Ever Give Up
on Finding Love

When you meet someone be a good observer and listener so you won't waste time with the wrong person.

Pray in detail for your true love to manifest and ask that your eyes and ears stay clearly open to being divinely guided.

Find out what you really want in a partner and don't deviate from your script. Focus on what kind of person brings out the best in you.

Find a person whose personality complicates yours.

Stay focused on yourself and becoming the highest and best version of yourself.

Enlarge your circle of friends and acquaintances. The bigger the circle the bigger the net and opportunity.
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We have been sensitive for many years that some people like the privacy and solitude of receiving their psychic insight by email.

Our email readings are just like a phone session and you receive all of the information you are inquiring about in email format. An average one question email reading is 600+ words. We love providing psychic readings by email and it is our sincerest hope that these readings help all in knowing about their future.

Our email readings are not computer generated but an actual psychic session like a phone reading. Our readings by email have been a best seller since 2004!
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Go Here First Time Caller Readings
We happily welcome first time callers!  Psychic readings are by phone and we charge $.83-cents per minute with the option of a 15, 30 or 45 minute length of reading. The best deal on the internet! We want to make sure that you not only get all of your questions answered but you are given an opportunity to get to know us and consider using us for your psychic guide and mentor in the future.  We do all aspects of a person's love life, career matters, money issues, challenges with co-workers and family and person well-being. 
Go Here for Love Readings
Compassionate, honest and detailed love psychic readings. Covering all aspects of love from finding new love, troubled relationships, how the person is feeling towards you, future of your current relationship, meeting your true life partner. Our love readings go deep into your situation and have helped people worldwide. Love can be challenging and very confusing at times so let a psychic love reading sort through the confusion and bring you clarity. If you are experiencing a break-up, a love reading can be healing and bring you solace in your situation. It is never easy to lose the one that you love and sometimes a breakup can be more out of a big fight then longterm consequences.

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