Angelic Intentions​

Each day is a fresh start....

Going back to 2004 when I first opened Affordable Psychic Readings I had this sincere and heartfelt feeling, almost a voice in my mind and this desire was that I would love to help people find love. As a psychic reader everyday is doing love readings and hearing from all of you the heartaches, frustration and sometimes hopelessness. 

Like many of us, I forgot about that day and the most heartfelt emotions that it would be my passion to help others find love. Recently, during meditation and prayer those thoughts popped back into my mind and with a little nudge from spirit I decided to manifest that service.​ 

Attract Love with our Intention Satchet
Angelic Energy Infused

Your sachet serves to intensify the faith in yourself. Through the help of your intention sachet you will obtain your intention.

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How Angels Speak to Us
1. Through thoughts, feelings, dreams and visions.
2. When you get a strong hunch to take positive action, know that this is answered prayer.
3. A thought, idea, or inner message
​4. An auditory voice that is not your own