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We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty. 
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What Will You Choose in 2019?

Like all people, perhaps the day after Christmas has you feeling a bit melancholy and having thoughts about the new year. It seems as though it is pretty easy to know what you don't want in the new year, but, perhaps a little more tricky over what you do want.

Your last year (2018) showed you what you chose. Remember back to this time last year. Did you write down your goals or do you still remember what they were? Did you manifest your goals, did some get altered or took a different path? 

Perhaps besides a list of goals why don't you also write a list of what you are going to choose. Our happiness so often can fall into choosing wisely, choosing correctly and thinking enough of ourselves to choose that which builds us up.

Self-empowerment usually comes with a price and that price is making wise decisions, doing the right thing by not only yourself but others as well, being realistic. Somehow, our goals and what we choose can align together and make manifestation easier to manifest.

For example: I choose more happiness in 2019. That statement is too vague. You could rearrange that statement and say: I choose more happiness in my relationships. I choose to be loving, understanding and firm, when need be.

Another example: My goal is to make more money in 2019. Add to this goal what you will choose to manifest this goal. For example: I choose to be persistent and consistent Monday-Friday, I chose to manage my money efficiently. 

They say that our January goalsetting usually only lasts a couple of weeks so perhaps writine down a goal and also a list of what you are going to choose in creating and manifesting that goal you may raise your own awareness to what needs to be done to have your dreams answered.

Since love is such a big and important part of our lives be very clear in what your goal is and what you will choose to manifest it or at the very least do your part. Many people do not or may not realize that once you set a goal, have a dream or whatever you choose you must meet the Universe half way through actions and deeds.

Don't set your goals to be too challenging to meet in 12-months time. Set your goals and what you choose in manageable sizes so that you will experience success quicker. If you are planning a world cruise in twelve months that would be your goal and what you would choose would be to begin a savings program, perhaps lose weight and work out a bit to feel healthy and trim.

In closing, before you work on your goal list and your choosing list. Quietly write down on a piece of paper what you don't want in 2019 - then burn it! Out with the old in with the new. Work everyday on what you are choosing. Become conciously aware and you may find that what you choose could end up being more important then actually setting a goal.

Many blessings to you all in this coming new year of 2019. Thank you so much for the business and the loyalty. I love you all and always hope in my small way I am enrichng your lives.

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Hmmmmm.....are you waiting for "when" or are you being a co-creator with the Universe and putting action into what you are wanting?

Manifestation and what we see happening for you in a psychic reading is the result of the actions or non-actions that you are taking.

You, your actions are 50% of the psychic reading in that the psychic is reading/sensing your energy and what will  happen in your situation or your future

This is just a little nudge that if you keep not getting what you want it is time to take stock and do a review of the actions that you are taking. If you want to meet someone that you have to go where you could meet osmeone or do online dating.

How we all long for things to come easily to us that touch our hearts. Unfortunately, sometimes a blessing will fall down upon us but most of the itme our lives are a result of the actions that we take or don't take.

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