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​We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.
​Maya Angelou 

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Developing Your Psychic Awareness

Intuition, psychic abilities come into your consciousness over time. The quickest way to begin the rocess of building up an additional awareness is to meditate.

Okay, now...I know what you are thinking. It would be wise for atleast 15 minutes per day to go into a comfortable and relaxed state of mind. You can visualize something beautiful or you don't have to focus on anything.
But you do need to quiet your mind.

Ground yourself by attaching a grounding cord ocming off of the base of your spine and going to the center of the eath. Then shower yourself with a golden white light. 

If you are experiencing mind chatter gently send the thought away and get back to silencing your mind. Be kind to yourself in developing your psychic abilities. It takes time.
Love Isn't Love Until It Is Given Away​
For this one moment in life, for this one day in life, give love with whom you come into contact with today. Watch the love multiply and come back to you through kind words, a kiss on the cheek or a thoughtful look from those that you love. You give to receive.​​
Fall is a time of new beginnings.....
We usually associate New Years Eve as such a time but think about it - old leaves fall as the land experiences a slow rebirth through Winter and then comes Spring.

Use this beautiful time to let go of the leaves that have finished flourishing. They may be a weight around your heart and mind. 
For Those Suffering...
Please know that you are not alone. If you are lonely tell someone. so often, people that are grieving, brokenhearted and feel lost and alone do not communicate their feelings so others can help you. Don't be afraid or sensitive that you feel people don't want to hear your story over and over again. If you have a true friend or friends that really care about you they will know that that is part of the grieving process. You are in our prayers!
Manifesting Money...
​Money stress has to be the worst. In time of financial lack do your prayers and meditations everyday to remind yurself that all abundance comes from God, the Universe or the Deity that you call upon. Remove fear, doubt and frustration and believe deep within your soul that through your own efforts, your own actions you can climb ut of this rabbit hold of lack. Listen to money abundance on You Tube from the Power Thoughts Meditation Club. Feed your mind with positive ocncepts about money, positive thoughts about yourself being deserving and worthy of receiving great amounts of money.
Developing Your Own Intuition...
You are half way there because everyone has intuition. Everyday life can diminish those suble little messages that come through but you can open up your own awareness by meditating for 10-15 minutes. Take a few deep breaths (breath in pink/gold light and exhale negativity), ground yourself to the center of the earth by picturing a grounding cord coming off your tailbone area. Release stress, negative situations or anything that is holding you back. Then picture a golden shower of light covering your entire building. Visualize out of your third eye a flower, a bird or anything that is pleasing to you. Focus on that object and just be in the moment. Don't push anything. There is no right or wrong way to meditation. Your body, mind, spirit and soul will take you to a place of peace, hope, abundance and love - your higher self. Peace be with you!
Online Dating and All That Jazz!
Okay, is a jungle, disappointing, frustrating and there is alot of junk on these dating sites. But, the truth of the matter it is a convenient way to meet people. Remember, ladies and gents, you have to create a working plan to week through the fake and real one's! Be weary of those who just want to form an emotional attachment and have no motivation to meet you! Be safe in meeting anyone...always a public place. You can do this, meet someone online. It is about the only way to meet someone these days so learn how to use these apps effectively, safely and wisely.