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Butterfly Whispers
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We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty. 
Maya Angelou
Cutting to the chase - what can be more challenging than finding love, new love! So often, our hearts ache to be in a relationship. Relationships do make our lives more grounded, gives us a purpose in our lives and the support of having someone with us to journey through life is exhilarating and helps us feel secure in our little part of the world.

When you start this journey, love yourself, be kind to yourself, as it can be challenging and takes patience to look,and to take action to generate "leads" that would be suitable companions. Yes, you heard me say the beginnning stages of finding love is creating a list of "leads" - potential candidates! 

In the beginning coming from your head is wiser than coming from your heart as it is important that you fully integrate into your mindset that you are the creator of manifesting a suitable love companion in your life. No magical thinking will be your efforts or lack of efforts that will manifest the perfect companion or not!

So, you have generated a "lead" of a potential person that could be a possibility. Go slow in the beginning, don't get ahead of the person. Mirror the same level of interest that they are showing you. This is the getting to know each other phase to see if a compatability would exist, if you are physically attracted to one another and if you share the same values.

Love feels good when you meet someone you are physiclally attracted too! Physical attraction can be confused as being "love". What starts out as physical attraction can turn into love. You literally fall in love with a person for not only physical attraction but also who they are as a person. We usually fall in love with the person who makes us feel that we are a better person. By being with this person we feel better about ourselves.

The first month of meerting someone is more of a fact-finding exercise. So often, we can give our power away because of that wonderful euphoria of love energy. It feels so good to have met someone, you are craving to be in a twosome with someone and not journey through life alone. Take your time, take a few deep breaths, stay at the same level as your partner, be loving and kind and think enough of yourself to attract to you what you deserve.

Love is not a game, finding healthy, non-codependent relationships take time. You plant a seed and keep watering it a little bit each day to see if this is someone you could spend the rest of your life with.

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