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We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty. 
Maya Angelou
Are you a good communicator?

Today's insight is about communication in love relationships! I receive many calls for readings where a couple has had a fight and/or disagreement. I hear of relationhips that actually break-up because of a disagreement or a different way of seeing the same issue.

I receive significant input from the ladies that theirmen/boyfriends/husband won't communicate. When your partner chooses to not communicate it can be very uncomfortable because you don't know where you stand or what is happening between you.

I had a client yesterday who is in a relationship with a non-communicator! They had broken up???? During the reading I kept sensing that these two people did not have to break up what they needed was to talk with one another. Each one had a different perception of the issue and the boyfriend shut down making it impossible for her to give her side of the story.

Love is challenging, men are challenging to say the least but women need to learn communcation skills that can draw her man out into using more logic and common sense. I highly recommend reading Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Venus by John Gray. It explains how men communicate and why they communicate the way that they do.

Both the female and the male have different communication styles and once you learn how your partner communicates it can actually help you avoid confrontation, hurt feeling and confusion. 

I started my journey of being a psychic being a reader on the largest psychic networks at the time. I would hear hundreds of people a week complain about their partners because of lack of communication. Since that time, when I went out on my own my mantra to my beloved clients is make your communication with your loved one count. Get to the bottom of the issue tht you are having conflict about. Talk about yourself first and how something makes you feel to get him or her to open up. Most importantly, be a good listener.

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