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​Candle Magic for Love, Relationships, Wealth and Health

candle magic
Using candles is one of the oldest forms of petioning blessings, help or manifesting the desires of your heart. While candles enhance our home they also enhance our souls. Combined with a lovely selection of things that are pretty or meaningful to you your altar can keep you focused on what it is you truly desire and bring you peace of mind. Your altars can be color-themed, hold articles of the seasons, be things that mean alot to you like photos of those you love or a photo of what you desire to manifest in the future.
Purple - Power; healing severe diseases; spirituality; meditation; religion. Purple candles can be burned to enhance all spiritual activities, to experience higher psychic ability, material wealth and to invoke healing spiritually, physically and emotionally.  A wonderful to ground you and set your feet heading in the right direction.  Purple is powerful. 
Yellow - Intellect, confidence, communication, travel, imagination and creativity. Yellow is the color of the element of Air. Burn yellow candles to heighten your visualization abilities. Before studying for any purpose, burn a yellow candle to stimulate your conscious mind. Light the candle and let it burn while you study. If you need to make a decision about something burn your candle to stimulate your processing abilities.

Pink - Love; friendship; compassion, relaxation. Pink candles can be burned during rituals designed to improve self-love, self-esteem, positive thoughts towards onself. They're ideal for weddings and for all forms of emotional union.  For friendship and poisitive thoughts about others.  A great candle that brings a softness and gentleness to you about all matters concerning self, partnerships, friendships.

Green - Money; prosperity; employment; fertility; healing; growth; abundance. Green is the color of the element of Earth. Burn when looking for a job or seeking a needed raise.  Use for prosperity in all area's of your life.  A great grounding color to use if you are feeling flighty or scattered and need the earth to remind you of your solidness and power.  Surround with evergreen branches, leaves, rocks, etc for grounding.

Orange - Attraction, energy, increasing personal physical energy. Burn to attract specific influences or objects.  Great for ambition, personal drive to meet goals, and legal matters. 

Red - Maintaining health, physical strength, physical energy, sex, passion, courage, protection. This color is the element of Fire.  Use red when you have passion behind a thought or a circumstance that you want to manifest.  Combine with pink to cover all elements of a love relationship, sexual potency plus sweet love.

Brown - A grounding color that can open you up for greater discernment and understanding in a specific circumstance or area of your life.  An aid for financial chalenges and disaster.  Attract wealth and financial success

Gold - Use in rituals to gain fortune or money.  Enhances all types of communication.  Is a powerful transmuting candle to gain enlightenment, protection, success.  Good protection from harm and helps advance psychic intuition.
White  -  Spirituality, protection; purification.  Also can be used for all purposes. White contains all colors. It's linked with the Moon. White candles are specifically burned for cleansing, purification and protection. If you're to keep but one candle on hand for magical purposes, choose a white one.

Blue  -  Healing; peace; patience, inspiration and devine wisdom.  Blue is the color of the element of Water. Blue is also used in the realm of sleep and of twilight. If you have trouble sleeping, charge a small blue candle with the visualization of yourself sleeping through the night. Burn it a few moments before you get into bed, then extinguish its flame.

Dressing Your Candle: Select the candle for the purpose of your intention. Use a new candle that has never been burned before. Recite the Lord's Prayer or any spiritual diety of your choice while annointing your candle with oil (grapeseed oil, olive oil, cinnamon, jojoba oil). From the center of the candle annoint your candle from the middle up to the tip, then from the middle go down to the base of the candle. Place your annointed candle in a secure candle holder and say your intention. If you would like to make it extra special put pretty things or items that mean alot to you around the base of the candle or on your ritual table. You can state your intention or you can write your intention on parchment paper and make it holy and sacred. Use your imagination and listen to your higher self and/or spirit guides to direct you into how to facilitate your candle intention. Sometimes we can get too caught up in the right way when the right way can be from within versus an outside directive. Trust your instincts. Some creating a candle and intention may sing. Singing raises the vibration so anything you want to break out into song you are not only strengthening your throat chakra but you are also raising the vibration from within you and around you. We are such gifts to one another. Enjoy your candle magic, allow your soul to shine, to sour and trust that whatever way you prepare your altar, your candle, your intention is absolutely perfect.