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Combination Clairvoyant and Tarot Card Psychic Readings by Phone

​​Love and Relationship Readings
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Divorce and Breakups
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Family and Personal Issues
Future of Children/Family, Family Bickering and Outcome
​Personal Issues, Life Direction
Your Tarot Card Reading is combined with Empathic, Intuitive, Clairvoyant and Claircognizant abilities, therefore, our tarot readings are Psychic Tarot Card Readings!  Tarot is a very powerful and deeply insightful form of divination and gets right to the matter. Particularly good for break-up's, challenging times in your life. The art of accuracy isn't so much "no tools" as it is the interpretation of the psychic. You will enjoy your tarot reading with us and we encourage all of the questions asked that your heart desires time permitting, of course!
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Accurate and Reliable Psychic Tarot Readings​​

The magic of tarot can be quite profound in getting to the heart of the matter with your situation or circumstance. Our psychic tarot readings are quite different in that Kaye does not use the meanings of the cards but just receives impressions and insights by merely looking at them.

A tarot reading is quite effective in love and relationship questions and insight into how the person is feeling towards you. The tarot is not so cut and dry with your love situation but looks for ways that you could change things to change the outcome because of freewill choice.

If the tarot is used in the right way it dispels the myth of a psychic reading using "no tools". Psychic insight is psychic insight and it really doesn't matter how it comes through as long as it does come through and is accurate and indepth and compassionate.
Tarot Tips
For those who may have a tarot deck, angels cards, oracle cards you may want to cleanse them from time to time to keep the energies pure, positive and healing. Many different ways to cleanse your cards, the following is just a few tips on how to spruce them up so your readings are accurate: Meditate over them holding the deck in the palm of one hand and lightly covering with the other hand. Petition the higher power that you call upon and clear any and all negitivity know or unknown from this deck. Visualize a beautiful golden light shining on your card deck and know that it is cleared of anything that could cause an inaccurate perception or intention. Put a black tourmaline stone or crystal on top of your deck for protection. Tarot cards go deep into a persons situation so use wisely and let the cards be clean, clear and speak to you in a most beautiful way. 
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