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Our Psychic Email Readings are Not Computer Generated
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Our email psychic readings are very thorough and each question is approximately 600+ words in length. The turn around time on email readings is 48 hours. If you are asking about the thoughts and feelings of someone else please provide us with their first name and birthdate.
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Happy Customers

"Thank you for my email reading. It helped me and eased my mind about my relationship".

"The reading that I had at Affordable Psychic Readings was really helpful and made me feel better. You seemed to uncover things that I really wasn't aware of. Will refer back to it often. Thanks for what you do".

"I am a repeat customer and can't say enough good things about this psychic service".

​"You told me things about my relationship that was important for me to know. Thank you and God Bless you for what you do to help people".

"So much of what you told me came true. Thank you so much for bringing clarity to my relationship. Your insight is very helpful in making things better. We are back together. I ;most definitely will use your service again!"

"Thank you for a thorough email psychic reading. I enjoyed hearing more about my challenges with my job and this reading gave me courage to ask for that raise that you mentioned. Thanks".
Email readings are not general psychic readings but question-specific readings, thus that is why you pay by the question. Think about what is the most important thing that you need or want to know about your current situation or have happen in the future. The more specific you are the more information will be channeled to you.

In formulating your question(s) don't be vague as you are ordering a specific question. For example: If you are wanting to know how someone is feeling towards you and where you will head in the future that would be a one-question email reading. Your question would be "How is he/she feeling about me and where will be head in the future?"

We do many email psychic love readings and we follow the golden rule that no question is too big or small. We want you to be comfortable with our email reading service and get accurate insight on your situation. We cover all aspects of love including new love, troubled relationships, break-ups.

The type of psychic insight that your psychic advisor will use in your psychic email reading will be clairvoyance, claircognizance, empathy and intuition. The style of reading is direct, no sugar-coating. We are a professional psychic service network and have been online providing phone reading and email readings since 2004.

As life can become confusing sometimes in all areas review the list to the right as we are a full-service psychic advising network covering all areas of life. 

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