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Psychic Phone Readings $1/Min | Psychic Email Readings starting at $19

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Types of Email Readings

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#1 Best Seller Email Psychic Readings | Detailed Email Reading

Our Psychic Email Readings are Not Computer Generated
​Question Specific Accurate Guidance
Clairvoyant Psychic Email Readings
psychic email readings,email psychic readings,email readings
Email Psychic Readings are great for those out of the country who may need psychic guidance and insight. Also, for those who like to have a hard-copy to be able to refer back too.

Unlike a phone reading where there is more opportunity for feedback email readings are question specific. In other words, the psychic focuses only on the question that you have submitted.

Readings are delivered to the client by Email. You must be 18+ years old to get a reading. Due to world-wide demand, you will receive your reading in 48 hours via the email address on your PayPal order. If you would like to have your reading sent to another email please provide that email when you submit your question(s).

The length of your reading is approximately 500+ words per question. It is important that you are clear on what it is exactly you would like to know or need to know about your situation or circumstance. Wording of your question should be specific, with some detail as the psychic focuses solely and only on the question that you have submitted.

Here's How to Forumulate Your Questions to receive the best possible psychic email reading:

Examples of Questions:

Type of question NOT to ask: “What is in my future?”  Email Readings are not general readings, they are question specific pertaining to a specific issue, circumstance or situation in your life.

An example of a specific question would be:

 “I am currently working in the tech industry, but I am thinking about making a job change. Is this a good time for me to do that?”

Another good question: “I want to own a business of my own. I have two ideas. (Explain in detail.) Which business has the best resonance and best chance of success for me?”

Good question about love: I am in a love relationship but we have hit a rough patch (Explain in detail). "Where do you see our relationship head in the future?" Please provide name of person and birthdate along with your birthdate.

Your psychic advisor is Kaye. She is clairvoyant, claircognizant, empathic, and intuitive. She is a seasoned veteran who has been in the industry since the late 1990's and was a top-rated psychic for three of the largest psychic networks in the industry. She broke away from the psychic lines so she could offer lower rates for people from all walks of life. Her style is direct, no sugar-coating and she goes deep into your situation. 

Time allowed for each question. For example: A three question email reading would be equivalent to a 45 to 50 minute phone reading depending on subject matter. 

Our payment provider is PayPal. A safe and encrypted payment processor worldwide. Your credit card information stays with PayPal and is not given to the merchant that you are ordering from. When you make your payment you will be taken off of this website so write down this location so you can come back to it. PayPal will email you a confirmation email that you payment went through and they will email Psychic Kaye that she has received a payment.

After your payment, submit your question using the form below or by emailing: [email protected]  ​​
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psychic email readings,email readings,readings by email
Affordable Email Psychic Readings for future, past, specific circumstances and well-being. You will never be asked to purchase anything additional, told you need negativity removed, period! Those are scams and a dishonest service for financial gain. We have been a professional psychic service for 15 years and have helped people worldwide with day to day problems, confusing relationships, money challenges, and personal growth. We value our clients and consider them family.
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