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It's all about L O V E
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Future of current relationship
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Work, Career, Money
Finding your path of bliss
Future of current job
Challenges with co-workers
When will you find a job
Money issues and challenges

Life Stuff
Family challenges and relatives
Personal well-being
What is stopping you from your dreams
What sets your soul on fire
Grief, healing and understanding

Free Email Psychic Reading
​One Question Psychic Reading by Email

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Every Week One Person is Selected
for a One Question Psychic Email Reading
Totally Free!

The drawing is held on Wednesday at 9:00am Pacific Time. Check your email as that is how you will be notified. Turn around time on email readings is 48 hours from the time that you have been selected.

Prepare your one question. If you are asking about someone else please provide their first name as well and a little about what you need answered. The more clear you are in your question the more clear and detailed your psychic reading will be. After you have been selected as the winner of the free psychic reading you will receive an email from us and at that time you can submit your question.​​

​Thanks for giving us a try. We value all who use our services and are an established psychic service since 2004.

Our Regular Prices are
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$1.00 per minute all of the time!
Call or text for availability. During business hours you will receive your reading within an hour or less..

First Time Caller Phone Reading
$.80-cents per minute with option of having a 15, 30 or 45 minute phone reading. Call or text for availability. You can select your length of reading upon payment..

Email Psychic Readings
#1 best seller since 2004.  Purchased by the question.  Each question is 600-700 words in length and detailed..Not computer generated but facilitated just like a phone reading.

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The type of psychic gifts that will be used for your email psychic reading is:

Clairvoyance - Seeing pictures, symbols, events.
Claircognizance - Knowing without knowing why you know something.
Empathy - Emotional feelings and senses of energy about life events or specific people.
Clairsentience - Hearing voice or instruction from angels, spirits guides.
Psychic Medium - Communication from a spirit who has passed away.
Precognition -  The ability to perceive future events.

A Psychic Reading will Guide The Way!
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