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Affordable Psychic​​​​​​
cheap psychic readings,affordable psychic readings

Psychic Phone Readings $1/Min | Psychic Email Readings starting at $19

super affordable psychic love readings with trusted advisor
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Free Psychic Phone Readings
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Affordable Psychic Readings
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It's all about L O V E
Finding new love
Future of current relationship
Separations and Breaking-Up

Work, Career, Money
Finding your path of bliss
Future of current job
Challenges with co-workers
When will you find a job
Money issues and challenges

Life Stuff
Family challenges and relatives
Personal well-being
What is stopping you from your dreams
What sets your soul on fire
Grief, healing and understanding​


100% Free Psychic Readings - Absolutely No Cost Reading!

Every Week One Person is Selected
for a 15 Minute Psychic Phone Reading
Totally Free!

The drawing is held on Wednesday at 9:00am Pacific Time. Check your email as that is how you will be notified. You will receive an email from our psychic advisor to schedule your time for your reading. At this time this offer is for US residents only.​​

When your reading is scheduled prepare for your phone reading by thinking about what exactly would help you to know. Prepare your questions and refrain from creating general questions, such as "when will I be happy" or "what does the future have in store for me". The best readings are those that are focsing on specific areas of your life. Talk soon.


​Thanks for giving us a try. We value all who use our services and are an established psychic service since 2004.
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We are asked all of the time if we do love readings. Of course we do as love is probably close to being the most precious parts of our lives. While love can be challenging, please know that we take your love questions seriously and it always our hope that the insight that comes through for you will be helpful in assisting you move forward in a positive way.

We cover all aspects of love: finding true love, challenged relationships, will you come back together after a break-up, the future of an existing relationships, marriage and divorce.

May you find your dreams, goals and peace of mind on our website and the service that we provide.
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Greetinsg from Psychic Kaye of Affordable Psychic Readings
Thanks for stopping by and putting in an entry for a free psychic phone reading. We opened our doors on the internet January 11, 2004 and have had the gift and pleasure of talking to people from all walks of life all over our beautiful country and internaitonally. My psychic gifts are clairvoyance, claircognizance, empathic, mediumship. Hope to talk to you soon...never give up on your dreams or goals. Life is what you make, kaye
Psychic Phone Readings
$1 per minute all of the time!
Call or text for availability. During
business hours you will receive
your reading within an hour or less.

First Time Caller Phone Reading
$.80-cents per minute with option of having a 15, 30, or 45 minute phone
reading. Call or text for availability.
You can select your length of
reading upon payment.

Email Psychic Readings
​#1 best seller since 2004!
Purchased by the question. Each
question is approximately 650 words
in length and detailed. Not computer generated but facilitated just like a
​phone reading.