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Goddess Abundantia - Prayer for Money and Success

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Lady Kaye at Goddess Abundantia
Goddess Abundantia is the Roman Goddess of Abundance, Good Fortune and Success. Her name means "plenty" or "overflowing riches." She has also been called "the beautiful maiden of success."

Abundantia often carries a cornucopia, known as the horn of plenty. This cornucopia is symbolic of a funnel that continually outpours from the Universal Source, the infinite and all encompassing supply of abundance, good fortune, opportunities, success . . . continually outpouring all good things!

Abundantia is extremely wise in the ways of finance! If invited she will provide guidance toward investments, finance and business/venture planning. A powerful protectress of prosperity, if requested, Goddess Abundantia will safeguard our valuables, providing us with peace of mind by ensuring that which we deem to be valuable is secure and well protected.

To enhance attracting wealth to you by petitioning Goddess Abundantia either before or after to pay respect get a green candle with a gold ribbon tied around it and thank her with a heart filled with gratitude.  This is just optional if you would like to have something to remind you of your petition to her in your home after you petition her.

Anything is possible with this goddess so be watchful of thoughts that go through your mind, things other people may say that could tie into your abilities to attract wealth and prosperity.  Your guardian angels ay also whisper things in your ears so ever softly so be alert to all financial and money opportunities coming through spirit, from the Goddess herself and your guardian angels.

May you be blessed with good fortune, strong health, happy relationships and the financial means to create and manifest your life in the most beautiful way.

A Note from Psychic Kaye
It is always exciting to see people stop by this webpage with the prayer for Goddess Abundantia. A few of you let me know if you have won your fortune, had an increase in your job or received an unexpected gift from friends or family.

It is always my hope that when your prayers are said, your intentions are grounded firmly within your mind and your focus is laser-like to know that you will manifest your money goals.

​Please know that we wish you great prosperity.

prayer to goddess abundantia

Prayer to Goddess Abundantia
​May Success Find You Easily

Beautiful goddess of success, prosperity, abundance, and good fortune. Abundantia is also considered to be a protector of savings, investments, and wealth.

As a show of your faith in Heaven's readiness to help you, hold one or more coins in the hand you don't write with (this is your receptive hand), and say:

"Beautiful Abundantia, I desire to be like you—carefree and filled with faith that my supply is already met in all ways. Help me replace any money worries with joy and gratitude. Help me open my arms so that Heaven may easily help me. Thank you for all of your guidance, gifts, and protection. I'm truly grateful, and I'm abundantly, joyful and fulfilled. I let go, and relax in the sure knowledge that I'm completely taken care of, immediately and in the future.

Try this prayer to ABUNDANTIA before you sleep, when you awake something will happen to remind you of your inner hope.

Money and Success Will Soon Follow!
Many Blessings Sent Your Way for a Financially 
Abundant Life!​​