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Guardian Angels for Divine Guidance in Life and Love

How To Talk to Your Angels

First and foremost, just begin!  Our Guardian Angels are around us all of the time but typical of the higher archtypes - archangels and angels, we have to call upon them first.  They are very respectful of our freewill and do not like to impose themselves upon our lives.  They are such dear and loving beings!

I would suggest that you get a journal to begin your journey with working with your two guardian angels.  Many in the angel therapies say that we have two guardian angels around us but you do have your own freewill to call upon one guardian angel or two guardian angels.  There is no right or wrong.  Do what feels comfortable for you.

As you talk to your angels and ask them for petitions and guidance you will over time develop a knowingness when they are around and you will become more aware of their presence in your life and in your circumstances.  Practice makes perfect, so write down what you are saying to your Guardian Angels and keep a log.

Our guardian angels speak to us in many different ways: They speak sometimes directly, they will whisper in your ear.  It may sound like it is your own voice but an idea will come through and it will be the answer to your prayer or something you need to do to achieve the results you desire.  They can use another person to speak through - you may be talking with someone and that person unknowingly will say something that you need to hear, they will get your attention through items in your home or around you, they will pop into your mind with an action you should take.  They are very playful beings and so much fun and support.

 Messages from the angels will never be negative! They always speak, guide and mentor in
a most loving way.  If something harsh or negative comes across your mind just shoo it away and sent it to the light.  Our guardian angels and angelic masters love to mentor and guide us.  It makes them almost childlike with glee that we have called upon them.  

Always thank your Guardian Angels, Angel Masters or ArchAngels after you petition them.  Be humble, be aware, and sit back and listen and wait for the answers to come to you in a myriad of ways.

prayers to guardian angels

Dear Guardian Angel

 I ask for your help this day.  Please send Angels of Healing to be with me (or the person who needs prayer) and fill me with the light of your love.

 May this light chase out all fears, all anxious thoughts, and all distress in my body, mind and spirit. As the light of your healing love surrounds me, may peace be restored in my being. 
I ask that every cell in my body be strengthened and resonate to the perfect vibration of radiant health

Send Angels to smooth the way and draw everything together for my good. And may I be grounded in Love this day and always;
Please bestow upon me Love that gives me strength; Love that brings me peace; Love that brings me insights and healing. 

Signs of an Angel Watching Over You
Finding a white feather. While any feather may be a sign, white feathers are often thought of as the "calling card" of the Angels. ...
Flashes of light. ...
Rainbows. ...
Direct messages. ...
Tingling sensations, goosebumps or chills. ...
The feeling of being touched. ...
Symbols and images in clouds. ...
Dear Guardian Angel,
Please help me with manifesting more love and money in my life. Help me to think and feel abundantly and to release any lack that is preventing me from living a truly prosperous life.