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Meditation for Life to Create Balance and Harmony

Meditation is a form of contemplation that is not only relaxing but therapeutic in nature.  There are various types of meditation - prayer is probably the best known form of meditation but other forms to name a few can be mindfulness meditation and active or passive meditation.  Meditation by definition simply means comtemplation.  Meditation can not only be utilized for relaxation and to lower your stress level but also has a therapeutic side to it that has been useful in lowering blood pressure, cholestral levels and chronic pain to name a few.
There is two types of meditation.  Active meditation is when you keep your mind active by utilizing visualization.  This form of meditation is the easiest type of meditation to learn quickly because you are keeping your mind active.  Active meditation works well with setting goals, weight loss, creating love in your relationships through contemplative visualization or to develop some skill or talent for yourself.

Passive meditation is introspective and calming.  It is particularly useful in receiving information, self healing, and self guidance.  Passive meditation would be focusing on your breath, uttering a mantra or simply obtaining the state of complete peace and devoid of thought, in other words, mind chatter ceases and you are in a safe, contemplative place that is peaceful, meaningful, and allows your higher self to participate in your growth.  It is worth mentioning that those around you will also benefit from your meditation regime by experiencing a calmer, more peaceful and centered person.  

People who meditation have better reasoning skills, memory is better, metabolism becomes balanced to assist in weight loss and allow's you to be content inspite of whatever circumstance you may find yourself in and to resolve problems in a more universal manner.
Learning to meditate can be fun and exciting.  Be open to trying new things, don't become rigid in your thinking and relax.  To enhance your meditation time with yourself many will use aromatherapy, incense, candles to set the mood.  Do whatever bring you pleasure visually, surround yourself with your favorite color, either in clothing or in color of candles, perhaps put something that you think is special in front of you.  Have fun and make this a special time for yourself.

(1) POSTURE - It is best to sit in a comfortable chair or on the floor if you are inclined to do so.  You don't need to sit yoga style, the goal is for you to feel very comfortable.  Wear loose fitting clothes.  Falling asleep is not a form of meditation.

(2) RELAXATION - A process of relaxing your body either through visualizing your body becoming relaxed, letting go and letting the tension leave your body by starting at the feet and working your way up to the top of your head. This is a critical step in beginning your meditation.

(3) BREATH - After you have relaxed your body, feel your breathing, listen to your breath.  Take a few deep breath's in and feel your breath come in and out of your body.  You can inhale and hold your breath for a count of six then slowly exhale.  By controlling the breath, you directly influence the autonomic processes in your body, like immunity, circulation and digestion. 

(4) ATTITUDE - Try to have a relaxed, confident attitude before you start to meditate. Don't worry about "doing it exactly as outlined". Just do your best and with time you will discover the method that is "perfect for you".  As a beginner, your mind will probably keep wandering.  Keep returning your attention to either your mantra or visualization.  In time, the wandering mind and mind chatter will decrease.

(5) PRAYER - Always begin your meditation with a prayer.  If you are not comfortable with a religious type of prayer then make up your own prayer that will inspire you.  After your prayer merely wrap yourself in a beautiful golden translucent blanket and feel it's warmth.  It's purpose is to create a safe and comfortable place for you.