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Affordable Psychic​​​​​​
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Psychic Phone Readings $1/Min | Psychic Email Readings starting at $19

super affordable psychic love readings with trusted advisor
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Psychic Phone Readings | $1/min Psychic Readings by Phone

Honest, Reliable Phone Psychic Readings $1 per Minute

psychic phone readings,phone psychic readings
With all of the choices on the internet for psychic phone readings it can be a daunting task to find a psychic advisor that you connect with and who is honest and reliable. Our phone psychic readings are always $1 per minute for everyone. Our readings are honest, reliable, accurate and thorough.

We do not charge by the minute but have preset rates so you don't need to worry about a computer cutting you off. If we go over a few minutes that is just fine because we want you to get all of the information that you need. You pay per reading and you will never be asked to join a membership, sign in with your Facebook account or have to be concerned with re-occuring charges.

We have made it easy for you to get further information or schedule a reading by allowing text messaging. This is a same day service, usually within the hour of ordering during normal business hours. We will never ask for additional money and we absolutely do not do any type of spells/rituals. We believe in freewill choice and not trying to bend the will of another person. These are usually scams that will take exorbitant amounts of money from you. Our psychic service is easy to use, and most importantly an honest, reputable source for accurate psychic readings.  ​​
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10 Minute Phone Reading $10
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20 Minute Phone Reading $20
*Preset Rates starting at 20 minutes*

*Purchase one reading at a time with no pre-authorizations and/or holds placed on your credit card*

*Safe, secure encryption and your credit card info stays with PayPal!
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30 Minute Phone Reading $30
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psychic phone reading,psychic phone readings,accurate phone psychic readings
40 Minute Phone Reading $40
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50 Minute Phone Reading $50
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60 Minute Phone Reading $60
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​You will receive a confirmation email from PayPal that you payment was received. APR Psychic Readings also receives an email that says they have received a payment from you.

You do not need to be a member of PayPal in order to pay by credit/debit

Quick, safe, secure payments with no applications that you have to download or memberships that you have to join plus no holds placed on your credit card

We value our customers to not only provide you with quality psychic readings but great customer service. Our family of customers at APR Psychic Readings is our blessing and we hope that you receive not only a hand up in your life but accurate and detailed psychic readings that help you move forward..
Best Value Psychic Phone Readings - Accurate and Always Low Cost! It can be challenging to find the "just right" psychic reader that you not only resonate with but also feel confident with that they wil be accurate and honest. We are a professional psychic service and have been supplying psychic phone readings to people from all walks of life since 2004.

Affordable Psychic Phone Readings was created for not only those on a budget but those wanting an indepth psychic phone reading where your psychic reader will always be honest and will supply you with the most details in those areas of your life where you need help or are just curious what the future holds for you. Unlike other psychic services we do not charge by the minute. You buy the amount of time that you need and you will never have a computer cut you off when you may have not heard all of the psychic insight coming through. If we go over your time by a few minutes, no problem! You will never be charged with additional fees or asked to purchase anything. We read for and develop long-lasting relationships with people from all walks of life. This is a non-judgmental psychic advising service.

Just a note and a friendly reminder that the quality of your psychic reading isn't determined by how much you pay per minute but by the psychic advisor that you choose. In this case, less gets you more not less! Our psychic advisor is thorough and likes to give you the most bang for your buck, so to speak. The reading style used to facilitate your reading is direct, no sugar-coating while being understanding and supportive of your emotional needs and well-being. Life can sometimes throw us curve balls so a psychic reading can really help in times of crisis to not only give you the answers or understanding that you need but also a support system to help you get through tough times.

We cover all aspects of life including what the future holds for you in love, relationships, divorce and reconciliation. For those of you inquiring about work, we focus on finding new work, challenges with co-workers, future of existing job. If you are having a family issue we enjoy doing readings to help you move forward with family and family members.  If you are searching for meaning in your life a psychic readings can be a positive path for you in seeing spiritually what is in store for you and what road would be beneficial for you to take at this time. Personal issues, challenges within yourself, lack of direction are also a psychic focus. Psychic readings can be very empowering and give you a life's direction that can be more meaningful or at the very least help you make positive decisions about yourself and those you love. Come to the table with an open heart as Psychic Kaye gets right to the matter that weighs on your mind the most.
Of course, we do....
Psychic Love Readings
The number #1 most requested psychic reading is about love! So rest assured that we have you covered in all areas of love!

No question is too big or too small when it comes to the challenges, joys and heartbreak of love.

We facilitated finding new love, seeing the future of an existing love relationship, challenges relationships, divorce, reconciliation.

We go deep into the mind of your partner to find out how they are feeling towards you and what they are wanting as far as a relationship with you.

​A psychic love reading is a good gauge, barometer to assist you in moving forward with that special someone.
Get The Most from Your Reading!
If you can try to be in a quiet place where others cannot overhear what you are talking about. Privacy and clarity is important so think about what you would or need to know in the different areas of your life. Ask questions during your reading if you don't understand what was said. It is important that your phone reception is clear. Be in a room or space where your phone gets good reception as the psychic is reading your energy from your voice. The psychic needs a good, clear way to communicate with you. We are here to serve you in your life and our motto is the golden rule. Customer comes first and we are committed to giving you the best possible experience at Affordable Psychic Readings.