Love Advice and Dating Tips to Meet Your True Love

How to Make a Good First Impression

Smile and Be Welcoming
Smile even if you don't like what you are seeing. You can't always judge a book by its cover so be friendly with a warm smile like you would in your everyday life when meeting anyone.

Be a good listener. People like to talk, particularly about themselves and their lives. You like the same so the street goes both ways. Developing good listening skills also opens the door to get to know the person at a deeper level versus just skimming the surface. It also raises your awareness of what people don't say!

Don't Rule Yourself Out
Don't jump to conclusions either way. Everyone is in your league! Be confident, open and think enough of yourself and the other person to to take the time to get to know one another.

Ditch The Expectations
Can get us in trouble everytime! We all have pre-set expectations going into every situation. Because love is so highly charged our expectations can be misleading and not in alignment for the encounter so just relax and take the pressure off of yourself.

​Play and Have Fun
Many a heart has been turned because of a light-hearted, playful attitude! Be good company, see the brighter side of things, get to know this person and allow them to get to know you. Have fun! Most importantly, be yourself and down-to-earth!

Don't Be Intimidated
You are worthy of this conversation! How often our fears jump up out of us when meeting someone for the first time. That ugly little voice of not being good enough or falsely thinking that this person is better than us is just your fears bubbling up! Close the door and know that you are good enough!

Be Mindful of Timing & Cues
If you are being given a hint take it! How often, we will back away from a hint someone is giving us to the point of even having to ask friends or psychics what they meant. Be a little bit assertive if a hint has come through. Play back to it with your own quips and responses.

Just Ask!
Neither sex gets asked out alot so don't be afraid to ask someone out if things are going well with your initial contact. Ladies, be cool about this. It is always nice to have the other person make the first move but use your instincts to guide you into a first date or a next date!

Dating Tips
When you first meet someone stay at the same pace that they are with you. Don't get ahead of them. If they text you, text them back. Stay in the present and don't project out into the future as that distracts you from creating and manifesting in the moment.

​It is so exciting to meet someone new that it is easy to fall victim to contacting them too much or letting them know how you feel too soon. Falling in love takes time and is a process.

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