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Our phone psychic readings are always $1.00 per minute and our email psychic readings start at $19.00

Home Page
Explains everything we offer: Psychic Phone Readings and Email Psychic Readings.

Butterfly Whispers Blog
Monthly articles, intuitive advice and help in all areas of your life. Moments of inspiration and a hand up are a specialty of our company.

Attracting New Love
How to find new love. Never easy to meet someone new and it can be quite challenging and time consuming. Use our insights to speed up the process.

Meditation For Life
Try meditation to balance your life and bring peace of mind and stillnes to your body, mind, spirit and soul. Tips for getting the greatest results.

Giving and Receiving Love
A fabulous article on how giving love and receiving love affects your current relationships. Learn about your comfort level and how to balance giving and receiving to instill everyone' needs getting met in a relationship.

Personal Growth
Moments of inspiration to quickly lift you up, learn a thing or two but mostly a page of connecting your emotions and grounding yourself for the day at hand.

Love and Relationships
We love to talk about love and offer a hand-up in finding love, repairing love and keeping you in your heart center.

A myriad of prayers for finding love, employment, peace of mind, world peace and a couples of prayer.

​Candle Magic
​How to add candles, what the meanings are to your altar at home. This is less about magic and more about the creation of a beautiful altar in your home

Heal a Broken Heart
Such a tragedy to lose the one you love. A gentle help in helping you take steps as quickly as you can to begin the process of healing.​ Our heart values your heart so please do focus on the tips and begin the journey of healing.

Information on Soulmates
Very informative article on how to identify a soulmate, twinflame and a true love. A must read for those interested in attracting their soulmate to them.

Soulmate Affirmations
Affirm yourself right into the arms of your soulmate! Informative article about finding your soulmate with complimentary soulmate affirmations to attract them.

Prayer To Attract Marriage - Saint Raphael
Call upon the beautiful Archangel Raphael to attract a husband/wife to you now. Let the divine beings of the Universe assist you in the journey of finding everlasting

Do You Keep Attracting The Same Type of Person
Good article on why we keep attracting the same type of love partner then become frustrated over why we can't find true love. Love begins within first and you attract that to which you feel worthy and deserving of.

Creating Prosperity - Goddess Abundantia
Call upon this glorious Goddess of financial prosperity to attract good fortune to you and your family. Believe in her power to assist you on the journey of beocming prosperous.

Guardian Angels
A wonderful page about meeting your guardian angels and saying prayers to the angels for direction in life.

Psychic Phone Reading 
$1.00 per minute all of the time!
Call or text for availability. During business hours you will receive your reading within an hour or less.

First Time Caller Phone Reading
$.80-cents per minute with option of having a 15, 30 or 45 minute phone reading. Call or text for availability. You can select your length of reading upon payment.

Email Psychic Readings
#1 best seller since 2004.  Purchased by the question.  Each question is 600-700 words in length and detailed..Not computer generated but facilitated just like a phone reading.

​For Guy's Only
We focus on issues that are important to men - love, money, career and personal well-being! Men can sometimes be a little shy in calling for psychic services so out way of being welcoming.

Free Psychic Readings
​Our offering  for people who would like to give us a try before actually ordering is an indepth, one question psychic email reading (600-700 words)

Psychic Love Readings
​Most people calling for a reading are calling about love so this page shares with you how seriously we take this part of your lives and the types of love readings available for you. With love and relationships our readings are thorough, detailed and compassionate

​Tarot Readings
While our readings are facilitated using clairvoyance, claircognizance, empathy and intuitive gifts we also use tarot as a secondary instrument to illicit even more psychic insight from your spirit guides and your higher self.

Meet Your Psychic Advisor
Owner/Founder Kaye Kantrell has been doing psychic readings since the late 1990's. She got her start by being a top choice reader on two of the most popular psychic networks in the industry. Her style is direct and she doesn't sugar-coat but gets right to the matter at hand.

Client Testimonials 
On this page you will find real testimonials from people who have used our services. These testimonials were not solicited nor were readings done in exchange for a review. People on their own sent these to Kaye and she is very proud of them.

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