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Soulmate Affirmations to Attract a Love Relationship

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"The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more, that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds."   Nicholas Sparks
Follow Your Heart
Do Your Homework - Take Action

1.  Spend time on writing your desire statement.  The more time and energy that you put into this part the more you increase your vibration which makes it easier to attract your dream.
2.  Carefully select your affirmations or write your own.  You are looking for soulmate affirmations that touch you, evoke an emotion in you.
3.  Get ready to meet your soulmate:  Get rid of clutter in your life - that includes physical and emotional clutter.  Come to terms, forgive and let go of a hurtful past relationship, get your home ready to make it comfortable for your soulmate, lose those extra five pounds.  You want to be strong when you finally do meet your true love and/or soulmate.
4.  Soulmate Altar - make a beautiful altar with flowers, pretty things you like, candles, lovely fabrics and anything that evokes romance and love to you.  Use this altar as a visual and prayful way to show the Universe that you are serious about this request, need their help in assisting you and leading your beautiful feet to the right places to meet this person.
5.  Treat others the way that you would like to be treated.  Put out love and you get love back!


Your Ideal Partner (Soulmate)
Immerse yourself in the beauty, love and loyalty that you will receive from this person.

I have attracted the most loving person in my life
The partner that I seek is also seeking me
My Soulmate loves me unconditionally
I love my Soulmate and He/She loves me
I have a wonderful partner and our relationship is happy and peaceful
I am in a happy relationship with a person who truly loves me
I am magnetic and irresistible to my partner
I am now attracting a lovable and loyal Soulmate
My partner and I are very patient with one another
My life partner is successful and abundant
My Soulmate loves me, my children and family
My Soulmate loves me above all others
I am in a loving and supporting relationship
I have attracted my best mate
My partner is loving, kind and funny
My partner believes in me and supports me fully
My perfect partners loves and appreciates me
My partner is generous and kind
My Soulmate knows me when we meet
The love of my life is gorgeous and successful
I feel safe and secure when I am with my perfect partner
I see everyone I meet as a Soulmate
I am the perfect partner for my perfect partner
I attract only healthy relationships
I am attracting the ideal partner
I am ready to love and be loved
I now attract the perfect partner into my life
My Soulmate wants more from me and challenges me to meet my dreams and goals
My Soulmate brings out the very best in me
My Soulmate and I will find one another
My love partner has strong integrity and character
I feel deeply loved and cherished in this relationship
My perfect partner loves to experience new things
My partner and I love and respect each others differences
Every man/woman I meet could be my Soulmate
My perfect partner is patient, kind and understanding
My ideal partner loves to travel and do exciting things
My perfect partner and I connect spiritually
My Soulmate is my best friend
My Soulmate and I love children and build a family
My ideal partner is compassionate, kind and understanding
I am in the right place at the right time to meet my perfect partner
I am a magnet to love, thereby attracting my perfect partner to me now
My Soulmate knows me when we meet and we are comfortable with one another immediately


edgar cacey on soulmates
finding love,meet a boyfriend,find a girlfriend
Don't ever give up on yourself in finding a suitable partner that is easy to love. It is not an easy journey in finding that just right person but please know that Lady Kaye (Psychic Kaye) holds you in her prayers that you will find everlasting love.

I pray that love finds you easily.....Lady Kaye